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31. Structure and Motion

Introduction to Biology

Biology is the study of life from the molecules within cells to the interactions between entire ecosystems. Some key areas covered in an introductory biology course include basic cell and molecular biology, genetics, evolution, plant and animal diversity and structure, and ecology.

Cellular and Molecular Biology

At its most fundamental level, biology seeks to understand how living organisms are organized at the cellular level. Core topics in cellular and molecular biology explore the structures and functions of biological molecules like DNA, RNA, proteins, as well as organelles and the mechanisms that allow cells to grow, divide and carry out specialized functions. Understanding biology starts by understanding life at its most basic units - cells.

Evolution and Diversity of Life

Through principles like natural selection and genetics, biology examines how the incredible diversity of life on Earth arose and continues to change over generations. Core concepts include Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, evidence for evolution from fields like comparative anatomy and molecular biology, mechanisms that introduce variation like mutation and sexual reproduction, and patterns of biological classification.

Resources for Learning Biology

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