Aaron Allen

Aaron Allen

Colorado School of Mines
Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology teacher | Verified Expert

I'm a graduate of Colorado School of Mines, specializing in Anatomy & Physiology. With my deep understanding of the human body, I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with students. Whether it's explaining complex concepts or helping with assignments, I'm here to support your learning journey. Let's work together to achieve your academic goals in this fascinating field!


  • What is the name of the tiny blood vessels that surround the alveoli?
  • Where does oxygen move from the respiratory system to the circulatory system?
  • Which do you think are the two, most common places to detect pulse and count the heart rate? Why?
  • What causes blood to flow through the heart?
  • Physicians often ask for urine samples collected over a 24-hour period, rather than a single sample. Why?
  • I got this project for school, and one of the largest questions are: Why can you faint if you stand still for too long? I don't really know how to formulate myself in that sense... so if you we're able to explain - it would be a massive help
  • What disorder refers to a crack or break in the bone?
  • What is the difference between the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system?
  • What are the functions of the skeletal system?
  • What do sensory neurons do?
  • Why should topical antibiotics be used instead of intravenous antibiotics in the treatment of burns?
  • Where are the taste receptors located?
  • What is tissue fluid made up of?
  • What is the term for the tiny air sacs in the lungs?
  • What happens if carbon dioxide levels in the blood are too low?
  • Where and how is food digested?
  • Which of the tubule found in the male reproductive system do you think is the most similar in function and structure to the oviducts?
  • What is the function of the central nervous system?
  • What wraps around the stomach, small intestine and large intestine?
  • What is the role of epithelial tissue?