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10 Best Symbolab Alternatives: Smarter Math Solvers

Acquired by Course Hero in 2020, Symbolab is an AI math solver that helps students tackle hard math problems. But it may not always be a good enough tool for that purpose. Some users have reported subpar results and errors, and some of the advanced calculations are beyond this math AI's capabilities. Fortunately, the market offers several other tools that can be relied upon.

In this guide, we will look at the top 10 alternatives to Symbolab. These tools include step-by-step math calculators and math solvers, and can assist you in conquering everything from basic algebra to advanced trigonometry. Continue reading to discover their features, advantages, limitations, and more!

  1. HIX Tutor - Best AI Math Solver Alternative to Symbolab Overall
  2. AIMath - Best Symbolab Alternative For Highly Precise Math AI
  3. WolframAlpha - Best Symbolab Alternative For Extensive Math Learning
  4. Microsoft Math Solver - Best Symbolab Alternative For Simple and Free Math Solver
  5. Photomath - Best Symbolab Alternative For Photo Math Solver
  6. Mathful - Best Symbolab Alternative For In-Depth Math Solutions
  7. Desmos - Best Symbolab Alternative For Visualized Math Learning
  8. MathPapa - Best Symbolab Alternative to Solve Algebra Problems
  9. AI:R MATH - Best Symbolab Alternative For Personal Math Homework Help
  10. Numerade - Best Symbolab Alternative For AI STEM Study

HIX Tutor - Best AI Math Solver Alternative to Symbolab Overall


HIX Tutor, developed by HIX.AI, is an advanced AI-powered homework assistant offering step-by-step solutions to academic problems across various subjects. Its potent AI math solver is capable of instantly solving complex mathematical problems for all grade levels This math AI is able to provide more precise and detailed solutions than even GPT-4.

To use this tool, simply enter the equation into the AI math solver or utilize its robust math calculator. HIX Tutor will promptly deliver an answer, accompanied by a thorough, step-by-step breakdown of the problem.

Additionally, for more convenience, you can upload an image or screenshot of the problem, making problem-solving faster and easier. This feature allows you to have a complete understanding of any mathematical formula or problem, enhancing knowledge retention and improving academic performance.

HIX Tutor extends its assistance across all math disciplines, including but not limited to algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry.


  • Free to try
  • Provides highly-accurate math solutions
  • Supports multiple math disciplines
  • Offers more than just math assistance


  • Limited features on the free plan
  • Lacks human expert tutor assistance

Get Accurate & In-Depth Math Help with HIX Tutor >>>

AIMath - Best Symbolab Alternative For Highly Precise Math AI


AIMath is another excellent math AI choice for anyone in need of a robust math calculator and AI math solver. This platform employs intelligent technologies to help students solve any type of math problem across all branches of the subject, including arithmetic, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, and more.

Notably, AIMath delivers answers with higher accuracy than GPT-4, and each solution is accompanied by detailed, step-by-step explanations. Simply input your math problem or upload a screenshot/image, and the tool will provide an easy-to-understand answer within seconds, regardless of the complexity.

Furthermore, AIMath supports over 30 languages, enabling you to receive responses in your preferred language for improved comprehension. The math problem solver is mobile-friendly and accessible 24/7. The best part is that the math solver is free to use, and you don't need to provide your credit card details to get started.


  • Provides highly-accurate math solutions
  • Delivers results almost instantly
  • Supports image uploading


  • Exclusively focuses on math solving
  • Lacks live tutor assistance

WolframAlpha - Best Symbolab Alternative For Extensive Math Learning


WolframAlpha is a knowledge search tool that offers comprehensive information and expert responses to a broad spectrum of academic subjects, including math and many others. Unlike conventional search engines that merely retrieve data, Wolfram Alpha computes its responses in real-time. And compared with Symbolab, Wolfram is capable of approximation and estimates.

For any given query, it provides basic facts, characteristics, a summary from Wikipedia, and other crucial details to facilitate understanding of the concept. It's also adept at generating pertinent responses to vague questions.

Moreover, WolframAlpha can visualize data and concepts using diagrams, graphs, and charts, enhancing clarity for students. It also boasts several specialized web apps centered around topics such as algebra, finance, fitness, stock trading, and more.


  • Provides detailed results computed in real-time
  • Accurate math problem solving
  • Offers numerous specialized web apps
  • Boasts a wide-ranging subject knowledge base


  • Doesn't provide step-by-step solutions on the free plan
  • UI navigation can be challenging

Microsoft Math Solver - Best Symbolab Alternative For Simple and Free Math Solver


Microsoft Math Solver, previously named Microsoft Math, is a potent math AI application equipped with a comprehensive problem-solving toolkit for topics like algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Whether you're grappling with calculus, algebra, trigonometry, or statistics, this platform delivers clear answers complemented by step-by-step explanations.

Microsoft Math Solver's standout feature is its provision of practice tests and math games, enabling users to understand math problems more effectively. In addition, it supports multiple input methods for user convenience and accommodates various languages, including Italian, French, Spanish, and more.


  • Free-to-use platform
  • Offers interactive math games and practice tests


  • Has difficulty solving advanced math problems
  • Sometimes delivers inaccurate results

Photomath - Best Symbolab Alternative For Photo Math Solver


Acquired by Google in 2023, Photomath is a free AI math problem solver app that allows users to upload images of complex math problems and receive step-by-step solutions in real time. It encompasses a wide range of math topics such as calculus, arithmetic, algebra, and more. The platform also offers additional "how" and "why" tips, along with custom visual aids, facilitating a deeper understanding of the solutions or concepts.

Furthermore, Photomath enables users to access comprehensive solutions for hundreds of published textbooks. Its interface is smooth and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless photo scanning process across all mobile devices.


  • Able to recognize math problems on images
  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Provides access to textbook solutions


  • Advanced features require a paid subscription
  • Only be able to be accessed via a mobile app

Mathful - Best Symbolab Alternative For In-Depth Math Solutions


Mathful is an AI-driven math solver dedicated to assisting students in solving math problems and comprehending the underlying concepts. Utilizing advanced algorithms, it instantly demystifies complex mathematical formulas, equations and functions, offering explanations with steps and demonstrating how to reach the result.

This platform outperforms conversational AI tools like ChatGPT, delivering accurate solutions across all branches of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, calculus, and more. You only need to input or upload images of the math problem, and Mathful will generate a comprehensive answer swiftly.


  • Provides step-by-step math explanations
  • Extremely fast math problem solving
  • Offers a free plan


  • Doesn't support other academic subjects
  • No mobile app access available

Desmos - Best Symbolab Alternative For Visualized Math Learning


Supported financially by Android co-founder Rich Miner, Desmos is a dependable AI math problem solver renowned for its capacity to graph and visualize diverse mathematical equations, facilitating the comprehension of complex concepts. The platform also boasts a variety of tools such as a scientific calculator, matrix calculator, and geometry tool.

Moreover, Desmos provides a wealth of classroom materials, including coursework with detailed explanations. This feature significantly enhances the learning experience for both students and teachers.

For added convenience, Desmos is accessible via iOS and Android devices, enabling on-the-go math solving.


  • Visualized problem solutions
  • Offers a wide range of study tools
  • Mobile apps available


  • Interface has a steep learning curve

MathPapa - Best Symbolab Alternative to Solve Algebra Problems


MathPapa is a useful online tool for solving complex algebra equations. As a student, you may find it helpful to use MathPapa's algebra solver and lessons if you require extra support. The platform is designed to help users solve and learn algebra, providing step-by-step explanations to solidify understanding. It also provides practice exercises for you to evaluate your knowledge as well.

In addition to algebra solving, MathPapa features several additional calculators including a quadratic formula calculator, inequality calculator, and derivative calculator. For on-the-go use, there are iOS and Android apps available to solve problems anytime. Best of all, the basic functions are free, making it an accessible option for all students.


  • Free basic plan available
  • Variety of math calculation tools
  • Accurate algebra solutions


  • Free plan shows ads

AI:R MATH - Best Symbolab Alternative For Personal Math Homework Help


AI:R MATH is an AI-powered math homework assistance application that offers helpful solutions for various math problems. The app employs sophisticated AI models to provide comprehensive responses, sometimes including visuals for subjects from geometry to algebra.

Students can enter their own questions, upload photos and PDFs, or chat with the AI assistant for detailed explanations. AI:R MATH can automatically generate flashcards from uploaded study materials too. A convenient Android/iOS app and Chrome extension are also available for on-the-go access to this math AI tool.


  • Accessible through mobile apps or Chrome extension
  • Scan/Snap & solve supported
  • 24/7 instant access


  • Limited features in the free plan

Numerade - Best Symbolab Alternative For AI STEM Study


Numerade is an educational platform focused on helping students achieve better results in STEM fields. It provides access to step-by-step video solutions and answers from over 100 million textbook problems. Additionally, Numerade connects learners to a wide network of teachers and subject matter experts.

The platform offers various study tools such as boot camps, notes, quizzes and past exams for reinforcement. An AI assistant is also available for quick answers, proofreading, summarizing and more. Test preparation materials cover AP, SAT and ACT exams.


  • Comes with a free trial
  • Abundant exam preparation resources
  • Educator support


  • Specific to STEM subjects
  • Can be slow to find a live expert


In this comprehensive review, we summarized several top AI math problem solvers or math learning platforms that can serve as useful alternatives to Symbolab. Whether you require more accurate math problem solving or a more reliable math learning resource, the options provided here can enhance your study process.

Our top recommended math solver is HIX Tutor, because of its exceptionally robust and intelligent features. As an all-in-one educational solution, HIX Tutor's extensive AI support for homework, studying and test prep makes it ideal for successfully handling difficult problems and improving academic performance, whether in math or other fields.

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