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10 Best Chegg Alternatives To Get Your Homework Done Easily

Are you looking for a better AI homework assistant to optimize your academic journey? Is Chegg no longer the ideal choice for you? Surely, there's been feedback from users expressing dissatisfaction with its inability to live up to their expectations, prompting a search for better substitutes.

In response, we've created this essential guide detailing our picks of the 10 best alternatives to Chegg, designed to uplift your homework and studying efficacy. Dive into this article for an in-depth exploration of their functionalities, strengths, weaknesses, and beyond!

  1. HIX Tutor - The Best Chegg Alternative Overall
  2. Studily - Best Chegg Alternative for Capturing Live Classes
  3. AIMath - Best Chegg Alternative for Precision in Math Solutions
  4. GeniusTutor - Best Chegg Alternative For Comprehensive Assistance on All Subjects
  5. Answer.AI - Top Chegg Pick for Precision in Homework Solutions
  6. Quizlet - Best Chegg Alternative for Engaged & Interactive Learning
  7. Socratic - Best Chegg Alternative for On-The-Go Learning
  8. Brainly - Best Chegg Alternative to Get Expert Tutor Assistance
  9. Numerade - Best Chegg Alternative for Excelling in STEM Subjects
  10. Homeworkify - Best Chegg Alternative for Expedited Academic Assistance

HIX Tutor - The Best Chegg Alternative Overall


Surpassing other Chegg options, HIX Tutor emerges as a leading choice for academic assistance. This smart AI-powered homework solver platform offers a quick-to-use mathematical calculator, as well as exhaustive, step-by-step answers and explanations to a range of homework queries spanning diverse fields such as mathematics, sciences, arts, and languages, among others.

Featuring an AI tutoring chatbot dubbed AI Tutor, the system engages users through dynamic, dialogic learning. This digital tutor adapts to various educational needs, making it suitable for students of any grade, educators seeking supplemental teaching tools, and adults pursuing continued education.

Empowered by the newest AI models tailored for academic excellence, HIX Tutor introduces features like image upload for swift evaluation of visual material, making the platform a better, more efficient, and more accurate choice compared to GPT-4.

Offering a broad spectrum of support, HIX Tutor includes a complimentary plan, inviting users to explore its extensive functionalities without financial commitment.


  • Offers a range of affordable plans
  • In-depth solutions to academic inquiries
  • Interactive AI tutor feature


  • The free tier comes with usage constraints
  • Lacks direct support from live educational professionals

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Studily - Best Chegg Alternative for Capturing Live Classes


Studily shines in the realm of academic assistance, particularly with live class transcription. It adeptly converts spoken words into comprehensive notes instantaneously, thanks to advanced language processing technologies crafted for optimal precision and swiftness. Its utility extends beyond classrooms to podcasts, media briefings, corporate gatherings, and one-on-one interviews.

Moreover, Studily effortlessly converts lecture content and other study materials into dynamic flashcards and devises rigorous quizzes across a spectrum of subjects, including Math, Biology, and Geography. This feature serves as an effective means for pinpointing and bridging educational gaps, so that to make your homework completion much easier than before.

Studily's toolkit is broad, incorporating functionalities like PDF interaction, an AI-assisted math solver, and tailored tutoring via AI. What's more, its accessibility at no cost positions Studily as an invaluable resource for learners managing tight budgets.


  • Exceptional for real-time class capture
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Users can try their features at no cost


  • Lacks direct support from human tutors
  • Free-tier features are somewhat restricted

AIMath - Best Chegg Alternative for Precision in Math Solutions


For those needing a robust math problem solver in particular, AIMath stands unrivaled. It equips learners with AI-powered support to address challenges across the entire spectrum of mathematics, from basic arithmetic to the complexities of algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and beyond.

Distinguished by its ability to outperform GPT-4 in precision, AIMath ensures every answer is accompanied by detailed, step-by-step explanations. Whether you're entering the problem textually or uploading an image of the equation, the platform guarantees clear, concise solutions swiftly, irrespective of the problem's difficulty level.

Furthermore, AIMath caters to a global audience with its support for over 30 languages, allowing users to receive solutions in their native tongues. Fully responsive and available round the clock, the platform is perfectly tailored for on-the-go access without any charges, requiring no financial information to begin.


  • Exceptional accuracy in math problem-solving
  • Immediate feedback and solution provision
  • Supports problem submission via images


  • Exclusively focuses on mathematical inquiries
  • Does not offer guidance from live educators

GeniusTutor - Best Chegg Alternative For Comprehensive Assistance on All Subjects


Harnessing the power of AI for homework assistance, GeniusTutor emerges as an invaluable resource, offering immediate solutions and personalized study aides across an extensive range of disciplines from STEM fields to the liberal arts. It showcases a specialized Math AI tool for delivering detailed explanations, complete with essential formulas and principles.

Designed to support learners at various educational stages—from secondary school pupils to college scholars and beyond—GeniusTutor adapts to diverse learning needs. It extends its reach globally with support for over 20 languages, enhancing its accessibility. Moreover, its intuitive design ensures ease of use, making it welcoming for newcomers.


  • Extensive coverage of academic topics
  • Supports over 20 languages for broader accessibility
  • Designed for simple, straightforward navigation


  • The complimentary tier offers a glimpse of its potential with restrictions
  • Not available for use without internet access

Answer.AI - Top Chegg Pick for Precision in Homework Solutions


Elevating the homework help experience, Answer.AI unleashes the potential of AI to tackle academic queries across a broad spectrum. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, it delivers comprehensive solutions, including illustrative graphics for complex topics within physics, mathematics, geography, biology, chemistry, and more.

The flexibility of Answer.AI is notable, accommodating direct question entries, photo uploads, and PDF integrations, or engaging with an AI chatbot for further clarification. It enhances study efficiency by swiftly creating flashcards from provided materials. Accessibility is streamlined with both Android/iOS applications and a Chrome extension available.


  • Continuous availability of an AI-powered tutor
  • Ad-free user experience
  • Innovative feature for creating flashcards


  • Limited capabilities within the complimentary tier

Quizlet - Best Chegg Alternative for Engaged & Interactive Learning


Andrew Sutherland's creation in 2005, Quizlet has emerged as the preferred platform for a dynamic and delightful educational journey.

Beyond its capability to instantly transform instructional content into flashcards, Quizlet is enriched with a plethora of unique, interactive tools designed to deepen learning. It enables the crafting of personalized study and quiz sessions aimed at reinforcing subject mastery.

Furthermore, the platform is adept at generating practice exams across various question formats, enhancing exam readiness. It stands out by elucidating complex topics with comprehensive explanations drawn from an extensive library of popular academic texts.

For educators, Quizlet introduces lively games into the teaching arsenal, infusing lessons with excitement, collaboration, and a healthy dose of competition.


  • Offers vibrant, interactive educational tools
  • Bespoke flashcard creation utility
  • Tailored AI-powered tutoring


  • Advertisements populate the free plan
  • Navigation can present challenges

Socratic - Best Chegg Alternative for On-The-Go Learning


As a Google entity, Socratic stands out as a mobile-first AI-driven homework assistant, offering various input methods including text, voice recognition, and image uploads for comprehensive solution finding. It integrates educational content from renowned platforms like Wikipedia and YouTube, providing elaborate visual breakdowns of concepts spanning multiple disciplines.

Covering fields such as Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, and English, Socratic emphasizes a seamless mobile experience with its user-friendly design for both iOS and Android users. Optimized for mobile learning, Socratic facilitates effective answer-seeking anytime, anywhere, making it an ideal tool for students always on the move.


  • Perfect for mobile users with no access to PC/laptop
  • Offers elaborate visual concept explanations
  • Delivers prompt responses to queries


  • Does not include direct tutoring support
  • Omits comprehensive online course offerings

Brainly - Best Chegg Alternative to Get Expert Tutor Assistance


With over 300M+ registered users, Brainly is an AI homework helper that provides students with rapid assistance in tackling complex problems across multiple subjects, including Social Studies, Math, Physics, Computer Science, and more. You can also use its AI tutor to simplify or expand upon any answers and solutions it retrieves.

However, the main highlight of Brainly is its extensive network of live experts. This enables students to get personalized tutelage on complex topics or subjects that they may be struggling with. The platform even offers test prep services that allow you to create tailored study sets and practice tests to reinforce your knowledge base.


  • Speedy live expert responses
  • Effective test prep features
  • Mobile app available


  • Overly-cluttered interface
  • Not all answers are detailed

Numerade - Best Chegg Alternative for Excelling in STEM Subjects


Dedicated to elevating STEM education, Numerade provides a comprehensive learning environment designed to bolster students' performance. With access to a vast library of over 100 million textbook solutions spanning numerous scientific disciplines, the platform connects learners with a robust community of teaching professionals and experts.

Further enriching its educational offerings, Numerade introduces an array of learning tools, including immersive boot camps, detailed study materials, quizzes, and more. An integrated AI tutoring chatbot enhances the learning experience by offering instant assistance, content proofreading, and document summarization.

Moreover, Numerade's test preparation resources effectively support users gearing up for AP, SAT, and ACT exams.


  • Offers a complimentary trial period
  • Provides thorough exam preparation content
  • Facilitates engagement with educational instructors


  • Focuses primarily on subjects within the STEM domain
  • May experience delays in connecting with live tutors

Homeworkify - Best Chegg Alternative for Expedited Academic Assistance


Launched in 2023, Homeworkify introduces an innovative AI-driven Q&A search engine adept at swiftly resolving any academic inquiry or calculation. Tailored for students seeking clarification in fields like social studies, mathematics, the sciences, or English, it delivers detailed methodologies for a broad range of questions.

Highlighting its user-friendly approach, Homeworkify requires only a direct question submission or the URL of a query to begin scouring through extensive educational databases for applicable solutions. It uniquely offers capabilities to reveal answers typically restricted behind paywalls on platforms such as Chegg. Furthermore, its commitment to free access ensures invaluable support for all learners.


  • Intuitive platform design
  • Rapid delivery of academic solutions
  • Ensures private and protected search functionality


  • Advertisements prevalent throughout the site
  • Restricted selection of available features


Through this detailed overview, we've highlighted some of the best Chegg alternatives on the market. If you're in search of support for homework, a solution for math challenges, or a dependable aid for academic study, these platforms are designed to enhance your study routine significantly.

We highly recommend HIX Tutor as the standout choice, given its robust and thorough approach to educational support. Offering a wide range of AI-driven homework and study solutions, HIX Tutor is equipped to help you tackle difficult questions and elevate your academic performance.

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