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10 Best Mathway Alternatives To Solve Math Problems Easily

While Mathway offers a suite of helpful math calculators for algebra, calculus, and more, it has received a substantial number of negative reviews, primarily revolving around its tendency to provide inaccurate answers, lack of detailed workings, and complications with refunds.

As a result, seeking alternatives is imperative. Discover how other math solvers can offer more comprehensive, reliable, and accurate solutions for a diverse range of math problems.

Whether you're a student or a professional looking to elevate your math skills, these Mathway alternatives are tailored to provide easy and effective solutions.

10 Best Mathway Alternatives for All Your Mathematical Needs

  • HIX Tutor - Best Mathway Alternative Overall
  • AIMath - Best Mathway Alternative For Precise Solutions
  • MathPapa - Best Mathway Alternative For Algebraic
  • Mathful - Best Mathway Alternative For Comprehensive Answers
  • Desmos - Best Mathway Alternative For Mathematical Visualizations
  • Integral Calculator - Best Mathway Alternative For Integral Calculations
  • Photomath - Best Mathway Alternative For Image Capture
  • Derivative Calculator - Best Mathway Alternative For Derivative Calculator
  • Microsoft Math Solver - Best Mathway Alternative For Practicing Maths
  • Question AI - Best Mathway Alternative For Comprehensive Toolkit
  • Symbolab - Best Mathway Alternative For Easy Calculations

HIX Tutor - Best Mathway Alternative Overall


HIX Tutor, the highly advanced AI homework helper by HIX.AI generates step-by-step solutions to homework problems across various subjects. It comes with a cutting-edge AI math solver, providing instant solutions to complex math equations at all grade levels.

HIX Tutor's math solver surpasses even the capabilities of GPT-4. Input any equation or utilize the platform's robust math calculator, and HIX Tutor will swiftly provide answers with comprehensive breakdowns of the problem.

Its unparalleled accuracy and detailed explanations ensure a deep understanding of math formulas and problems, facilitating better knowledge retention and improved school grades.

HIX Tutor offers a convenient image upload feature, enabling users to take a picture or screenshot of an equation for faster problem solving. This feature streamlines the process and ensures quick access to solutions, enhancing the overall user experience.

The AI math solver excels in all mathematical disciplines, covering areas such as algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, and more. Whether you're working on equations, formulas, or geometric concepts, HIX Tutor provides comprehensive support to elevate your understanding and performance.


  • Accessible for free
  • Super accurate math answers
  • Support for various math subjects


  • Lack of human expert tutor assistance

Embrace the power of HIX Tutor's math solver for accurate and in-depth math answers.

AIMath - Best Mathway Alternative For Precise Solutions 


Looking for an effective math calculator and solver? AIMath can be your best bet. This innovative math solver enables students to confidently address math problems across all areas including arithmetic, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and geometry, among others.

What sets AIMath apart is its ability to provide more accurate answers than GPT-4, complete with comprehensive step-by-step explanations. Users can effortlessly input math problems or upload images/screenshots, and the platform will swiftly generate an easily comprehensible answer.

Moreover, AIMath features multilingual support in over 30 languages, ensuring users can obtain answers in their preferred language for enhanced comprehension. The platform is optimized for mobile use, accessible 24/7, and completely free—no credit card information is required.


  • Exceptionally accurate mathematical solutions
  • Swift, understandable responses
  • Supports image uploads


  • Solely focused on math problem-solving
  • Does not offer live tutor support

MathPapa - Best Mathway Alternative For Algebraic 


When tackling intricate algebra problems, choose MathPapa. Specially tailored for students, MathPapa aims to make learning and solving algebra intuitive and engaging.

It extends beyond offering solutions by providing access to meticulously crafted step-by-step lessons designed to deepen your understanding of algebraic concepts. For hands-on practice, it also presents a series of exercises to test your mastery.

MathPapa is equipped with a variety of additional functionalities, including tools for quadratic equations, inequalities, derivatives, and more, enhancing its utility.

Furthermore, with its compatibility with iOS and Android through mobile applications, MathPapa ensures you can solve algebra problems anywhere, anytime. Accessibility is further ensured as most of its features are available for free.


  • Accessible for free
  • Comprehensive suite of algebra tools
  • Precise and accurate algebra solutions


  • Advertisements present in the free version

Mathful - Best Mathway Alternative For Comprehensive Answers 


Mathful is an AI-powered math solver dedicated to helping students tackle math problems and understand the concepts behind them. Using advanced algorithms, it instantly breaks down complex mathematical formulas and equations into step-by-step explanations that clearly show you how to achieve that result yourself.

This platform surpasses traditional conversational AI tools like ChatGPT by delivering exact answers across all mathematics branches, including algebra, geometry, calculus, and more. Users need only input or upload images of their math challenges, and Mathful promptly offers a detailed solution.


  • Detailed, step-by-step mathematical guidance
  • Rapid solution generation
  • Offers a free trial period


  • Limited to mathematics, excluding other academic disciplines
  • Lacks offline functionality

Desmos - Best Mathway Alternative For Mathematical Visualizations 


Backed by Android co-founder Rich Miner, this reliable AI math problem solver offers advanced features to graph and visualize math equations, making complex concepts easier to comprehend. With Desmos, users can explore a plethora of mathematical tools, including scientific and matrix calculators, geometry tools, and more.

Desmos not only solves math problems but also provides extensive classroom materials, empowering both students and teachers.

With Desmos, math problem-solving is just a few taps away. Accessible through iOS and Android devices, this platform ensures convenience and flexibility in tackling math equations on the go. Whether you're using a smartphone or tablet, Desmos will be there to support your math-solving needs.


  • Offers a highly interactive math-solving experience
  • A vast array of study tools
  • Accessible via mobile apps


  • May initially present a steep learning curve for some users

Integral Calculator - Best Mathway Alternative For Integral Calculations 


Integral Calculator is a dedicated app, available for both iOS and Android, designed to simplify the process of calculating integral equations. This AI math solver is adept across all common techniques for integration and exotic functions.

It stands out by offering interactive graphs to augment comprehension, making it more than just a calculator. The tool even features several math examples that students can use to better familiarize themselves with the subject matter.

Additionally, this tool showcases a variety of math examples, allowing students to gain further insights into integral calculations. The versatility continues with multilingual support, catering to users fluent in languages including German, Spanish, and Russian.

Remarkable for its accessibility, Integral Calculator does not charge its users, ensuring everyone can benefit from its features.


  • Multilingual platform for wider accessibility
  • Precise solutions for integral equations
  • Completely free to use


  • Presence of ads throughout the platform
  • May present a steep learning curve for some users

Photomath - Best Mathway Alternative For Image Capture 


Photomath is a free AI math solver app that redefines the way math problems are solved. Google acquired this remarkable platform in 2023. With Photomath, users can effortlessly capture images of complex math equations and receive step-by-step solutions in real-time.

From calculus to algebra and arithmetic, Photomath covers a wide range of math topics, providing comprehensive assistance for users at all levels.

Photomath not only provides solutions but also enhances understanding through customized visual aids. With extra "how" and "why" tips, it deepens users' comprehension of mathematical concepts.

Furthermore, Photomath offers access to in-depth solutions for hundreds of published textbooks, ensuring comprehensive coverage of various curricula.


  • Advanced image recognition
  • Provides a seamless and straightforward user experience
  • Offers comprehensive solutions for numerous textbooks


  • Certain advanced features may require a subscription or payment

Derivative Calculator - Best Mathway Alternative For Derivative Calculator


Derivative Calculator is a specialized math calculator with a focus on helping students efficiently calculate derivatives of any function. With its rapid calculations and comprehensive step-by-step explanations, this platform empowers learners in the realm of calculus.

Derivative Calculator goes beyond mere calculation by offering interactive function graphing, enabling users to visualize and comprehend calculus concepts effectively.

The math calculator also provides an examples section that outlines supported functions and provides guidance on their usage. This serves as a helpful reference point for users seeking to enhance their understanding of derivative calculations.


  • Precise results for derivative calculations
  • Efficient support for students
  • Available at no cost


  • Solely focuses on derivative calculations
  • A relatively cluttered user experience

Microsoft Math Solver - Best Mathway Alternative For Practicing Maths 


Microsoft Math Solver is a robust AI math app available on iOS and Android in 2019. With its comprehensive problem-solving toolkit, this platform delivers clear and concise answers with step-by-step explanations across various mathematical disciplines. Whether it's calculus, algebra, trigonometry, or statistics, Microsoft Math Solver is a reliable companion to enhance math practice.

This math solver goes beyond traditional problem-solving by offering access to practice tests and interactive math games. These engaging resources improve users' understanding and proficiency in solving math problems effectively.

Microsoft Math Solver supports multiple user input methods, providing flexibility and convenience for students. Additionally, it offers language support in various native languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, and more, helping learners feel comfortable and confident using the platform.


  • Offers its extensive features and functionalities at no cost
  • Supports multiple native languages
  • Offers interactive math games and practice tests


  • May encounter difficulties in accurately solving highly-advanced equations
  • There may be instances where the provided answers are not entirely precise

Symbolab - Best Mathway Alternative For Easy Calculations 


Symbolab is another popular AI math solver that streamlines math problem-solving for students across various disciplines. Acquired by Course Hero in 2020, Symbolab offers a wide array of features to tackle calculus, statistics, linear algebra, and more.

The tool provides an extensive database of mathematical study guides that serve as valuable resources for students seeking a deeper understanding of each topic. These guides empower learners to grasp math concepts more effectively.

Symbolab's math calculators extend beyond academic realms, catering to diverse fields of interest. From personal finance to cooking and fitness, these tools offer practical solutions and facilitate real-world applications of mathematical principles.


  • Vast collection of study guides
  • A range of calculators
  • Practice tests to reinforce understanding


  • Some in-depth explanations and features may require a paid subscription or access to premium plans


The Mathway alternatives presented in this guide offer a broad spectrum of functionalities, ensuring a solution for every study requirement.

Among the exceptional alternatives, our top recommendation is HIX Tutor. As a powerful and comprehensive homework AI tool, HIX Tutor offers an extensive range of features that cater to all your academic needs.

With its intelligent math solver and step-by-step math calculator, this platform enables you to tackle challenging problems effortlessly and achieve academic excellence.

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