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10 Best Photomath Alternatives to Breeze Through Math Problems

Photomath is a popular math solver that aims to help students tackle math problems by simply taking a picture of the question. However, some users have complained that the tool struggles to accurately analyze handwritten questions.

It may also only provide the final answer without walking through the steps. This makes Photomath an unreliable and frustrating tool for students hoping to check their work and fully understand concepts.

With the shortcomings of Photomath in mind, we've compiled a list of 10 top Photomath alternatives that provide more reliable and pedagogically helpful math solving experiences.

Whether you're a student looking to check homework or a parent helping a child learn, these Photomath alternatives are worth exploring.

10 Best Photomath Alternatives for Advanced Math Problem Solving

  • HIX Tutor - Best Photomath Alternative Overall
  • Mathful - Best Photomath Alternative for All Math Branches
  • Symbolab - Best Photomath Alternative for Practicing Math
  • AIMath - Best Photomath Alternative for Math Calculator With Steps
  • Socratic - Best Photomath Alternative for Mobile Study Assistance
  • Integral Calculator - Best Photomath Alternative for Integrals
  • GeniusTutor - Best Photomath Alternative for All Subjects
  • Numerade - Best Photomath Alternative for Explanatory Videos
  • Math Papa - Best Photomath Alternative for Algebra Challenges
  • Desmos - Best Photomath Alternative for Extensive Learning Support

HIX Tutor - Best Photomath Alternative Overall


HIX Tutor is ready to guide you through tricky math assignments. This smart homework AI tool solves problems with 98% accuracy, helping students boost grades by 10-15% on average.

Whether you're struggling with math, physics, foreign languages, or other academic subjects, HIX Tutor can help. Its math solver and step-by-step math calculator breaks down pesky math problems into simple, understandable steps.

The best part? You can ask your question by typing it out or snapping a photo of the problem and uploading it. HIX Tutor accepts questions in whatever format is easiest for you.

This ability exceeds that of ChatGPT and GPT4, making HIX Tutor one of the most efficient and capable AI homework helpers available.


  • Uses state-of-the-art technology to help you master any subject
  • Vast amount of free study resources available
  • Built-in calculator that shows each step


  • Requires an internet connection to use the tool

Get unmatched math assistance from HIX Tutor for free today!

Mathful - Best Photomath Alternative for All Math Branches


Struggling with math? You're not alone. Many students find math challenging. Luckily, there's Mathful. This powerful math AI tool helps you solve math problems and grasp concepts easily. Just type in your question or upload an image of the question, and Mathful calculates the answer instantly.

But it doesn't stop there. Mathful walks you through each step, so you truly understand the problem-solving process. It covers all the key math topics students need to know, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and more.


  • Covers a wide array of mathematical disciplines
  • Freely accessible
  • Precise and in-depth answers to complex problems


  • Limited to mathematics assistance

Symbolab - Best Photomath Alternative for Practicing Math


Symbolab, the digital "solution engine," delivers detailed step-by-step math guidance through its advanced calculator interface. Launched by the Israeli company EgsQuest in 2011 and later integrated into Course Hero's offerings, Symbolab's mission is to demystify mathematics.

This online learning platform is unmatched in its ability to deconstruct intricate math problems, from graphing and geometry to word problems. It allows students to methodically build their math skills through tailored drills and quizzes that align with their current level.


  • Tackles a wide range of mathematical questions from algebra to calculus
  • Explains complex mathematical concepts clearly using visuals like graphs, charts, and geometric diagrams
  • Builds learners' understanding of advanced math topics through step-by-step guidance and real-world examples


  • Limited to mathematics

AIMath - Best Photomath Alternative for Math Calculator With Steps


AIMath, an AI math solver designed for students, can quickly solve even highly complex math problems and provide detailed step-by-step explanations to increase understanding of concepts like algebra and calculus.

With its 99% accuracy and 24/7 availability, AIMath is a reliable and accessible math AI calculator. Research shows AIMath can help improve students' math scores by as much as 35%.


  • Advanced step-by-step math calculator excels in unraveling complex equations
  • Solves math questions in 10 seconds or less
  • Completely free to get started


  • Dedicated solely to solving math homework

Socratic - Best Photomath Alternative for Mobile Study Assistance


The educational mobile application Socratic utilizes artificial intelligence technology to assist students in solving problems and enhancing their comprehension across all academic subjects.

Created by Chris Pedregal and Shreyans Bhansali and first made available in 2016, the app was later acquired by Google.

This versatile application caters to a wide spectrum of academic fields, from mathematics to social studies, enriching the learning experience with an array of visual tools and in-depth discussions on various subjects. At its core, the power of Google's AI algorithms drives its precision and promptness.


  • Offers a mobile app for dynamic, on-the-go learning experiences
  • Utilizes the advanced technology of Google for enhanced performance
  • Supports a broad range of academic subjects


  • Restricted to mobile device usage

Integral Calculator - Best Photomath Alternative for Integrals


Integral Calculator is an online math calculator that can calculate integrals and antiderivatives for you. This calculator is perfect if you're in an advanced math class and need instant, reliable help with these types of problems.

It can handle both definite and indefinite integrals, even those with multiple variables. The calculator also provides useful graphs and plots to further explain the answers in a visual way.

Whether you're struggling through a tough integral homework assignment or studying for an upcoming calculus test, this calculator has you covered. Its step-by-step workings and clear visuals make understanding and solving integrals a breeze.


  • A trusted calculator for evaluating integrals
  • Supplies instantaneous, thorough solutions
  • Demonstrates step-by-step processes


  • Applicable in a narrow range of situations

GeniusTutor - Best Photomath Alternative for All Subjects


GeniusTutor makes tackling difficult homework and boosting grades easier. This AI-powered tool offers assistance in a wide range of subjects, including math, physics, science, arts, and literature.

With every solution, you get step-by-step explanations that clearly show how to solve the problem. This feature is especially helpful for students who need a little extra help. This math AI is great for everyone, no matter your age, from high school students to adults.


  • Employs the latest technology for educational support
  • Offers assistance across the full spectrum of academic subjects
  • Works with multiple subjects, including math and history


  • Access is dependent on an active internet connection.

Numerade - Best Photomath Alternative for Explanatory Videos


Numerade is an exceptional educational platform that helps students excel in STEM subjects. Its extensive library contains over 100 million textbook solutions and explanatory videos across various STEM fields. This robust resource is powered by a large network of educators and subject-matter experts.

Numerade makes STEM content easy to grasp and apply through its interactive platform. By leveraging Numerade's tools and community, students can master complex STEM concepts with clarity and confidence.

The math AI goes beyond just video lessons to provide a robust learning experience. With offerings like boot camps, study notes, practice exams, and quizzes, students have ample resources to deepen their understanding.

The AI tutor chatbot gives personalized, instant answers to questions, helping with proofreading, summarizing, or other academic needs. For those prepping for major standardized tests like AP, SAT, and ACT, Numerade has specialized prep content to help them excel on exam day.

The multitude of study aids and cutting-edge AI assistants make Numerade an enriched, customized learning journey.


  • Offers a free trial so you can explore the platform's features before committing
  • Includes comprehensive materials to help you prepare for exams
  • Supported by educators and subject experts for an enriched learning experience


  • Focuses only on STEM subjects, limiting the scope of what's offered
  • Connecting with live experts can sometimes be delayed

Math Papa - Best Photomath Alternative for Algebra Challenges


Math Papa, your friendly AI-driven algebra coach, was brought to life in 2016 by the visionary duo, Priscilla Pham and Robert Ikeda. Aimed at demystifying algebra for students, Math Papa takes you by the hand, guiding you through the intricacies of algebraic equations with step-by-step solutions.

Beyond just solving problems, this AI math solver enriches your learning journey with practical sessions and insightful lessons designed to bolster your algebra understanding.

With MathPapa, users gain access to a suite of helpful tools, including a basic calculator and an advanced equation solver, all optimized for on-the-go usage through mobile apps.


  • Delivers top-notch math guidance akin to having a personal tutor
  • Offers convenient mobile applications


  • Focuses exclusively on mathematics

Desmos - Best Photomath Alternative for Extensive Learning Support


Globally recognized and utilized in classrooms around the world, Desmos has enhanced its capabilities through a strategic partnership with Amplify. This collaboration is geared towards offering nuanced math assistance to a diverse learner demographic, spanning various educational levels.

With resources tailored for both educators and students, the AI math solver aims to simplify the mastery of complex mathematical concepts such as algebra. Through a rich compilation of learning materials, including diagrams, study guides, and advanced AI-driven tools, Desmos ensures comprehensive support in navigating math challenges.


  • Boasts the ability to tackle an expansive array of math questions
  • Helps with algebra, geometry, and more
  • Easy to work with, even for beginners


  • Can only help you with math


Therefore, if Photomath doesn't fully meet your needs, exploring a math AI alternative such as HIX Tutor could be worthwhile. Touted as the top alternative to Photomath, HIX Tutor distinguishes itself through enhanced dependability, functionality, and a comprehensive suite of features. This AI math solver stands ready to bolster your grades, deepen your understanding of various subjects, and elevate your overall academic performance.

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