Percent Equations - Page 50

  • 45 is what percent of 90?
  • What percent of 77 is 7?
  • Jennys great-grandmother is 90 years old. jenny is 12 years old. what percent of Jennys great grandmothers age Jennys age?
  • 18% of what number is 43?
  • What number is 75% of 125?
  • 60 is what percent of 25?
  • 39 is 150% of what number?
  • What percent of 752 is 25?
  • 95% of what number is 19?
  • 0.5% of 490 is what number?
  • In part because of the popularity of outlet malls, about 300 of the 1800 traditional retail malls across the United States may close in the next few years. How do you find the percent of retail malls that may close?
  • What is the monthly repayment on a flat rate loan of $3000 at 10% over 2 years?
  • The Go zales family's net monthly income is $4500. They have budgeted $500 for medical expenses and $1500 for their mortgage payment. What percent of their monthly budget is allocated on these two expense items?
  • Joel earns $1.500 per month. If he spends $375 on rent each month, what percent of his income does he spend on rent?
  • An apartment building has a total of 120 apartments. The equation #m(p) = 5p# gives the amount of money made, in hundreds of dollars, when #p# apartments are rented. What is the domain for this situation?
  • What percent of their gross income does the Garcia family receive from their rent houses if they receive $609.70 a month in rent and earn $2,345?