Sampling Distribution of a Proportion

The sampling distribution of a proportion is a fundamental concept in statistics, particularly in inferential statistics. It pertains to the distribution of sample proportions obtained from repeated random sampling from a population. Understanding this distribution is crucial for making inferences about population proportions based on sample data. By analyzing the variability and characteristics of sample proportions, statisticians can draw conclusions about the population they represent. This concept serves as a cornerstone in various fields such as market research, public opinion polling, and quality control, providing a framework for drawing meaningful insights from sampled data.

  • Sue's average for 9 games of bowling is 108. What is the lowest score she can receive for the tenth game to have a mean of 110?
  • A 12 member jury for a criminal case will be selected from a pool of 15 men and 15 women. What is the probability that the jury will have 6 men and 6 women?
  • ? A reporter for the local news station wants to know how the citizens of the area feel about the current gas prices. The reporter decides to gather this information by conducting a survey at the local golf course. Part A Determine if the chosen sample
  • A proffesional wishes to estimate the birth weights of a baby. How large a sample must she select if she decides to be 99% confident that the true mean is within 10 ounces of the sample mean? The standard deviation of the birth weights is 4 ounces.
  • Mean=400 SD=50 For a sample of 25 people, what is the probability for 405 to 425?
  • A tennis player hits a serve that cannot be returned 45% of the time. Out of 300 serves, how many can the tennis player predict will not be returned?
  • How to find the probability that the sample mean computed from a 25 measurements will exceed the sample mean computed from the 36 measurement by at least 3.4 but less than 5.9.?

  • A fair coin is tossed 20 times. What is the probability of getting at most 18 heads??
  • How many customers will be selected to participate in the survey on Saturday?
  • What proportion of sample means would fall between a population mean of 600 and a sample mean of 800 if the standard error of the mean was 250? I need to know how to get to the solution. The final answer is: 0.2881?
  • What is the mean value for this sampling distribution?
  • What is the probability that a simple random sample will provide a sample of mean within 3 weeks of the population mean?
  • The time #x# a student spends learning a software package is normally distributed with a mean of 8 hours and a standard deviation of 1.5 hours. What is the probability that the average learning time for 5 students exceeds 8.5 hours?
  • The distribution of scores for the third exam in a Statistics course has a mean of 74 and a standard deviation of 15. A random sample of 36 exam papers is selected. What is the probability that the average score is higher than 77?
  • What happens to the standard error each time you quadruple the sample size?
  • When does the standard error of the mean decrease?
  • What is the standard error of the mean for σ = 32, n = 16?
  • A coal company wants to determine a 95% confidence interval estimate for the daily tonnage of coal that they mine. Assuming that the standard deviation of daily output is 200 tons, how many days should they sample so that the margin of error is 39.2 tons?
  • What is the relationship between the standard error of the mean and the sample size?
  • If 8% of all people in an area are unemployed, what is the probability that in a sample of 200 persons, there are fewer than 10 people who are unemployed?