Sofia Aguilar

Sofia Aguilar

Utica University
World History

World History teacher | Verified Expert

I'm a passionate educator with a major in World History from Utica University. Armed with a deep understanding of historical events and a commitment to fostering curiosity, I'm here to guide you through the fascinating tapestry of our past. Let's unravel the complexities together and make learning an enriching experience.


  • Which two countries were on the side of the United States in World War 1 but were enemies of the United States in World War II?
  • What advance improved communications during World War I?
  • How did aggression lead to war in Asia and Europe?
  • After fighting ended between Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995, what role did the United Nations (UN) play?
  • Why did the Europeans continue maritime exploration when the Chinese deliberately abandoned it?
  • How was slavery that existed in Arica different from the transatlantic slave trade?
  • What did the critics call the policy of massive retaliation?
  • The WTO, IMF, GATT, and NAFTA are all examples of what?
  • Who developed the hydrogen bomb first?
  • What was the most important part of the caste system in Aryan society?
  • Who did Alexander the Great study with as a boy?
  • The Arab Israeli conflict, what is its importance? World History
  • Why did the Allies reject Wilson's plan?
  • What are three major obstacles to peace between Israel and Palestine?
  • Why were the British interested in expanding their power in India?
  • What type of government did China establish in 1912?
  • What is the mystery of fire in germany before hitler came to rule in assembly?
  • How did the Hittite war chariot make the Hittites conquerors?
  • What did the Soviet Union do in response to NATO?
  • What was the trade route that connected China with other cultures in the west called?