Serenity Allen

Serenity Allen

Northeastern Illinois University

Chemistry teacher | Verified Expert

I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a degree in Chemistry. With a strong foundation in chemical principles, I'm dedicated to simplifying complex concepts for students. My teaching approach emphasizes practical applications and hands-on experimentation, fostering a deeper understanding of chemistry. Let's unravel the mysteries of the periodic table together.


  • The ΔHfus of H2O(s) is 6.010 kJ/mol. How much energy will it take to melt 25.00 g of ice?
  • How many chloride ions are there in 4.50 mol of aluminum chloride?
  • How many atoms of lithium are contained in 6.22 moles of lithium?
  • How do you test for water?
  • Assuming ideal behavior, what is the boiling point for a solution that contains 35.7 g NaCl (58.44 g/mol) and 100.0 g H2O?
  • What is the molecular weight (mass) for KOH?
  • What is Δn for the following equation in relating Kc to Kp? H2(g) + Br2(g) ↔ 2 HBr(g) a) -2 b) 1 c) -1 d) 2 e) 0
  • Mass of Pb is given then how can we calculate volume of NO?
  • Is this structure of Argon Correct?
  • What is mass of 1 atom of carbon 14?
  • How can I easily memorize the important polyatomic ions and their charges?
  • Determine the [H3O +] in a 0.22 M solution of HClO4. Answer in units of M.?
  • Help! Arrange the acids in order from weakest to strongest?
  • Sodium chloride, NaCl iron(III) nitrate, Fe(NO3)3 calcium nitrate, potassium hydroxide, KOH ammonium fluoride, NH4F In your answer write a balanced chemical reaction equation for any relevant precipitation reaction, including the states of all chemic?
  • Distinguish between sigma and pi bond?
  • Where do you think the postion of hydrogen should be in the modern periodic table?
  • What does the pH scale measure?
  • How many negative ions are there in tge formula for magnesium chloride?
  • What you would observe if copper(ii) carbonate, #CuCO_3#(s), and sulfuric acid, #H_2SO_4#(aq) were mixed?
  • What is the [H3O+] of a solution with the PH of 4.98?