Ruby Armstrong

Ruby Armstrong

University of Houston-Downtown

Biology teacher | Tutor for 5 years

I hold a degree in Biology from the University of Houston-Downtown, where my passion for unraveling the mysteries of life blossomed. With an insatiable curiosity for the natural world, I thrive on sharing the wonders of biology with students. From dissecting the intricacies of cellular processes to exploring ecosystems, my goal is to ignite a lifelong love for science in every learner. With a firm belief in the power of education to transform lives, I am committed to guiding students on their academic journey and nurturing their scientific inquiry. Let's embark on this exciting adventure together!


  • Fats are specialized lipid molecules, and enzymes are specialized protein molecules. How do they differ?
  • What does ATP stand for?
  • How many dominant alleles does an individual need in order to have the autosomal dominant trait ?
  • Why aren't the two gametes in each pair of cells produced by meiosis genetically identical?
  • Why may zebras and horses have been first crossed by people?
  • How is alcoholic fermentation useful?
  • What is the difference between scanning and transmission electron microscopy?
  • In a dihybrid cross, SsYy x SsYy, what fraction of the offspring will be homozygous for both traits?
  • How do u identify the midrib of a leaf having parallel venation ?
  • How many ATP are generated during cycling electron transport of photosynthesis?
  • How do I answer this question correctly?
  • Name of the enzyme present in pancreatic juice and their function?
  • True or false? *Light dependent reaction of photosynthesis occurs in stromal free space to generate ATP AND NADPH2. THANKS
  • Explain two problems faced by land plants during the transition from an aquatic environment to land environment?
  • Difference between bacteria and bacteroides ?
  • Do T lymphocytes make plasma cell clones?
  • What is the definition of recombinant dna technology?
  • Why do cells have chloroplast and mitochondria?
  • How do cells store energy and release energy using ATP?
  • Adrenal gland is called the emergency gland, why?