Peyton Anderson

Peyton Anderson

Augustana University
U.S. History

U.S. History teacher | Verified Expert

I hold a degree in U.S. History from Augustana University, where I delved deep into the intricate tapestry of our nation's past. With a passion for unraveling historical narratives, I offer insights that illuminate the complexities of American history. From the Revolutionary War to modern-day politics, I bring clarity and depth to the classroom. Guiding students through critical analysis and engaging discussions, I empower them to comprehend the forces that have shaped our society. Together, we explore the triumphs, struggles, and enduring legacies that define the American experience. Join me on a journey through the pages of history.


  • Who won the French and Indian War?
  • What prompted the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party?
  • Who was the woman who brought water to soldiers at the Battle of Monmouth?
  • Why were the experiences of the earliest settlers at Jamestown and at Massachusetts Bay so different?
  • What were the effects of the Boston Tea Party?
  • How did Rosa parks contribute to the success of the montgomery bus boycott?
  • Why did the Supreme Court rule the federal government could not prohibit slavery in the territories?
  • What did supporters believe a national bank would do for the United States?
  • The Emancipation Proclamation did not include freeing the slaves in which states?
  • What body of water blocked further expansion of Florida to the west?
  • What is meant by being sold "down river" or "sold south"?
  • What was the long term effect of the "Bleeding Kansas" problem?
  • In what ways was Bacon's Rebellion a result of social tensions in the colony of Virginia?
  • What was the goal of Macon's Bill No. 2?
  • What was the Emancipation Proclamation unable to accomplish?
  • What is the best single adjective to describe Confederate General Robert E Lee?
  • Why was the Union determined to capture Vicksburg during the Civil War?
  • Did the Articles of Confederation make the government strong or weak?
  • Should the south have been punished for seceding from the union?
  • When did the first African slaves make their journey to the Americas?