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Madison Adams

College of the Holy Cross
World History

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Greetings! I'm a passionate educator with a focus on World History. My journey led me to the College of the Holy Cross for my major. With a deep commitment to fostering understanding, I'm here to assist you on your academic quest. Let's explore the fascinating tapestry of history together and unravel the mysteries of the past. Join me in the pursuit of knowledge and let's make learning an engaging adventure!


  • How did the soviets try to take over all of Berlin ?
  • In which dynasty was Legalism the philosophy of the Chinese government?
  • Which one of these newpapers was published first? the daily telegraph, the times or the guardian?
  • Who gave Israel the right to establish a country on the historical land of Palestine?
  • How did pope urban ii speech at Clermont in 1095, aking for crusades against Muslim invaders, impact the development of Europe?
  • As the Canaanites (Arabian ancestors) used to live in Palestine before the foundation of Judaism... Isn't Palestine for Arabs?
  • Which type of government rose to power after WWI and overthrew the current government in Russia?
  • Why did the 1700's become known as the "Age of Enlightenment"?
  • What crop initially increased the demand for African slaves in the Caribbean?
  • What are the characteristics of a classical period in history?
  • 5. Choose three of the main events of the French Revolution listed below. Explain whether each event moved France closer to a representative government or further away from it and why? (a) Representatives of the Third Estate declare themselves the Nationa
  • What problems did Germany experience after World War I?
  • What did Japan do in order to address labor shortages during the war?
  • Why is China the oldest continuous civilization?
  • What reason did the Soviet Union give for its expansion after World War II?
  • How did global exploration contribute to the scientific revolution?
  • What are the physical features that allowed china to have isolation and how they kept separate from other cultures on the zheng dinasty?
  • Help?! Describe one way that the Cold War was evident in Europe, one way that the Cold War was evident in Asia, and one way that the Cold War was evident in Latin America.
  • What is the difference between a protectorate and a terrotierry?
  • When did the U.S. join World War II?