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Madison Adams

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World History

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Greetings! I'm a passionate educator with a focus on World History. My journey led me to the College of the Holy Cross for my major. With a deep commitment to fostering understanding, I'm here to assist you on your academic quest. Let's explore the fascinating tapestry of history together and unravel the mysteries of the past. Join me in the pursuit of knowledge and let's make learning an engaging adventure!


  • Following the birth of lsrael, why was it important that Jerusalem was placed under UN supervision?
  • What common goal was shared by the mujahideen, Solidarity and freedom fighters?
  • How did World War I help to bring about the Russian Revolution?
  • What is one reason the Bolsheviks wanted to overthrow Russia's provisional government in 1917?
  • Who were the Ptolemies?
  • Explain this quote from Leonardo da Vinci?
  • What problems did Native Americans face in the 1980s?
  • Is democracy compatible with imperialism?
  • What happened after the Communist party dissolved itself in Hungary?
  • In Rwanda, there are more young children than teenagers, and more teenagers than adults. What does this age structure indicate?
  • Who was elected president of Egvpt in 2012 after the "Arab Spring" demonstrations?
  • Whats an Aztec word that starts with D?
  • Koreans called the 1910 Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty what?
  • Why did the increased military expansion in Europe before World War I cause alarm?
  • Why did the creation of the Soviet Union create anxiety in much of Europe in the 1920s and after?
  • Why was China viewed as the "Middle Kingdom"?
  • Why did the Europeans continue maritime exploration when the Chinese deliberately abandoned it?
  • What is cultural assimulation? thanks
  • What agreement happened after the end of the Napoleonic War?
  • How is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a conflict for economic and political power?