Madelyn Adams

Madelyn Adams

Butler University

Trigonometry teacher | Verified Expert

I am a Trigonometry specialist, holding a degree from Butler University. With a passion for mathematics, I've honed my expertise in Trigonometry to guide students through its complexities. My journey through Butler University equipped me with comprehensive knowledge and effective teaching strategies. I strive to foster a deep understanding of Trigonometry, helping students navigate its intricacies with confidence. Whether unraveling triangles or mastering trigonometric functions, I'm dedicated to empowering students to excel in this field. Join me on the path to mathematical mastery at Butler University's tutoring platform.


  • What is the cot 0 = ?
  • How do you solve the right triangle given A=41degrees, a = 17, b=9?
  • The water level in a hemispherical bowl of radius 12 inches is 4.6 inches. What angle can you tilt the bowl before the water begins to spill?
  • How do you solve the right triangle given b = 4, c = 6?
  • How do you find cot (-630)?
  • How do you express the trig ratio in terms of the same trig ratio of a reference angle: cos 220?
  • How do you find the reference angle for the following angle: -386 degrees?
  • Using the unit circle, how do you find the value of the trigonometric function: #sec -(pi/2)#?
  • How do you find the six trigonometric functions of #-3pi# degrees?
  • In triangle ABC, how do you solve the right triangle given Angle A=17°, Angle C=90?
  • Using a scientific calculator, how do you find the measure of the angle whose tangent value is 1.2799?
  • What is the cosecant of 10 degrees? Thanks-I really appreciate it!?
  • How do you evaluate #csc 180 #?
  • What are the 6 trig ratios given a right triangle ABC with sides a = 4, b = 10?
  • Why is tan (0) = 0?
  • How do you prove the reduction identities #Sin(x+pi)= -sin(x)# using a unit circle diagram?
  • How do I find the value of sin4pi/3?
  • How do I find the value of sin 330?
  • A triangle has sides of lengths 4, 3, and 5 is it a right triangle?
  • If I have a right angled triangle, and a = 30cm and b is 16 what is the length of hypotenuse?