Madeline Adams

Madeline Adams

Cedarville University

Statistics teacher | Tutor for 9 years

I'm a passionate educator with a focus on Statistics, holding a degree from Cedarville University. My commitment to fostering a deep understanding of the subject drives me to help students grasp complex concepts effortlessly. With a foundation rooted in academia, I bring practical insights to the virtual classroom. Let's embark on a journey of learning and unravel the mysteries of statistics together!


  • If a standard cube is rolled what is the probability of it landing on less than 5 ?
  • A football coach wants to see how many laps his players can run in 15 minutes. During a non-mandatory meeting, the coach asks for volunteers on his team to do the experiment. Which sentences explain how randomization is not applied in this situation?
  • Suppose you roll two dice. What is the probability of rolling a sum of 8?
  • Sales in a fast food restaurant is believed to follow a normal distribution with mean of 12 and variance of 5?. Find the probability that the sales?.a)between 10 and 15, b)is less than 8 ,c) more than 11
  • If the AM and GM for 10 observations are both 15 then the value of harmonic mean......?
  • A camera's flash mechanism fails on 14% of shots. If 20 shots are taken using the flash, what is the probability that the flash fails exactly twice?
  • How can i find the moment generating function in the given question(?very important for an upcoming test)
  • 4 cards selected randomly from pack of 52 cards find the probability of selecting at most one heart card?
  • You roll a number cube and flip a coin. Find The probability of rolling a number less than 3 and flipping tails.write your answer is simplest form?
  • How many different words using all letters of ZOONOOZ can be formed if there are no O's together?
  • When all the numbers on a list are the same, then the standard deviation of the list is zero. #Is it true or false?
  • Two cards are drawn from a well-shuffled ordinary deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that they are both aces if the first card is not replaced?
  • Assume that​ women's heights are normally distributed with a mean given by #mu = 62.4# in​, and a standard deviation given by #sigma = 2.8# in. ​(a) If 1 woman is randomly​ selected, find the probability that her height is less than 63 in? ​
  • In a binomial distribution, #n=8# and #p = .3#. What is the probability #x<=2#?
  • Can someone help me with this problem?
  • On a Sunday morning 8:00-9:00, the total number of cars (X) passing a roundabout has a Poisson distribution. If it is found P(X = 4) = 3 x P(X = 3) (i.e. the probability of 4 cars passing = 3 x Probability of 3 cars passing). Calculate the p( x= 0)?
  • A bag has 4 green marbles, 3 marbles, and 3 yellow marbles. What is the probability that you pick a red marble, do not replace it, and pick a yellow marble?
  • In which distributions does the variable X have a binomial distribution?
  • The number of cases of tetanus reported in the US in a single month has a Poisson distribution with a parameter of λ= 4.0. What is the probability that five or more cases will be reported?
  • What is the probability that the deal of a five-card hand provides exactly one ace?