Luna Chen

Luna Chen

Hampton University

Chemistry teacher | Verified Expert

With a passion for chemistry ignited during my studies at Hampton University, I'm dedicated to illuminating the intricacies of this fascinating subject. Armed with a comprehensive understanding, I guide students through the complexities of chemistry, fostering a deep appreciation for its principles. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, I provide personalized assistance tailored to each student's needs. Together, we unravel the mysteries of atoms, molecules, and reactions, transforming challenges into triumphs. Join me on a journey of discovery and mastery in the captivating world of chemistry.


  • When the temperature of the matter increases,intermolecular forces? A)increase B)decreases C Remain same D)None
  • How does atomic size vary in the periodic table?
  • If I add 15 grams of sodium chloride to 250 grams of water, what will the melting and boiling points be of the resulting solution?
  • A 150 ml sample of gas is at 620 mm Hg. The volume is decreased to 100 ml at a constant temperature. What is the new pressure of gas ? How would you set this up to solve it , and what is the answer ?
  • Hess' Law can be said to be a consequence of the Law of?
  • For the Hall-Héroult process, how would you determine the two half-reactions (anode and cathode) which make up this process, complete with electrons? Also by balancing the half-cells and determining how the net-ionic equation is obtained?
  • How many chain isomers are possible for hexane?
  • On dissolving salt in water, salt splits into Na and Cl. As i was taught that Na instantly reacts with water and burns. Then why doesn’t Dissolved Na burn in water?
  • What is the word equation for burning decane completely in air?
  • Number of HCL molecules present in 10ml of 0.1N HCL solution is?
  • Is the percent yield a gas?
  • At what temperature does butter freeze on Earth and also, the Moon? Thanks...
  • 25g of a solute of molar mass 250g/molecular is dissolved in 100ml of water to form a. Solution whose density is 1.25 g/ml. The molality is? ( answer =0.8) please solve it.
  • For the reaction NH3 + O2 --> NO + H2O how many grams of O2 are needed to completely react with 85.15 g of NH3 ?
  • What type of element is oxygen ? explain why
  • How many moles are in 4.96*10^24 molecules of glucose?
  • How many joules of heat must be added to a 2 kg sample of methanol for it to boil?
  • The basicity of tetraoxosulphate(iv) acid is? Explain this statement with an equation showing the reaction between the acid and potassium trixonitrate(v)?
  • Daily life example for combustion reaction with explaination?
  • What is the standard enthalpy change for the reaction?