Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Samford University
English Grammar

English Grammar teacher | Tutor for 7 years

I'm an English Grammar enthusiast with a degree from Samford University. My passion lies in unraveling the intricacies of language to help students grasp grammar concepts with ease. With a knack for simplifying complex rules, I make learning enjoyable and accessible for all. Whether it's dissecting sentence structures or demystifying punctuation, I'm here to guide students on their journey to linguistic mastery. Join me in exploring the beauty of English grammar and unlocking the power of effective communication.


  • Is this quote from "The Kite Runner" an example of an asyndeton: "Faces poke through the haze, linger, fade away."?
  • Is "now" a conjunction? Can I say that a series of successive sentences beginning with "now" are examples of polysyndeton?
  • If I am describing a utopia, would I write "In a utopia" or "In an utopia"? Which is grammatically correct?
  • What are some examples of assonance in popular songs?
  • How does one use the future perfect tense and the future-in-the-past perfect tense?
  • Which of the following phrases contains alliteration: eerie eels, loud shout, or long march?
  • How do archetypes create meaning?
  • How do you identify archetypes in a story?
  • What literary device does this sentence use: "The walls were beating like a heart on steroids."?
  • If you are quoting a question in a statement, do you put a question mark after the quote?
  • Can I use an ellipsis after a question mark?
  • "Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?" What does this aphorism mean?
  • If I am citing a quote that a character said from a piece of literature and it ends in a question mark, do I put the question mark in the quotation marks?
  • Is a transitive verb with a direct object in the passive, active, or subjunctive voice?
  • How many exclamation points is too many?
  • Which of these sentences uses correct punctuation?
  • What is the meaning of the idiom, "a grain of salt"?
  • What is the correct use of commas when the word "however" is used in the middle of a sentence?
  • What does this punctuation mean: :) or ;)?
  • What is an example of a motif?