Julian Avila

Julian Avila

Utica University

Prealgebra teacher | Verified Expert

I hold a degree in Prealgebra from Utica University, where I developed a passion for simplifying mathematical concepts. My goal is to make Prealgebra accessible and enjoyable for students of all levels. With a patient and adaptable teaching style, I strive to instill confidence in my students while fostering a deep understanding of foundational math principles. Whether it's tackling basic operations or exploring problem-solving strategies, I'm here to support and guide you every step of the way. Let's embark on this mathematical journey together and unlock your full potential in Prealgebra!


  • It is estimated that 20 patrons will attend an event for every $100 spent in advertising. If tickets cost $40, how much can a promoter expect to increase sales if he spends $10,000 in advertising?
  • How do you add #(- \frac { 1} { 2} + ( - \frac { 1} { 4} ) ) + ( \frac { 1} { 2} + \frac { 1} { 4} )#?
  • What is #y+z+2#, if #y=-6#, and #z=5#?
  • Marcy has 567 earmuffs in stock. If she how can put 18 earmuffs on each shelf, about many shelves does she need for all the earmuffs?
  • How do you solve #x+ ( - 10) = 24#?
  • How do you solve #-\frac { x } { 4} = - 32#?
  • Lucy went to the grocery store. She bought 12 packs of cookies and 16 packs of noodles. How many packs of groceries did she buy in all?
  • Sasha can mow of #3/8# of an acre of grass in 45 minutes. How many acres of grass does Sasha mow per hour?
  • How do you simplify #[96+ ( - 4) ] ^ { 3} - 11\cdot 10#?
  • Shaniya works as a florist and worked 14 hours last week and earned $119.00. At that rate, how much will she earn if she works for 10 hours?
  • A map has the scale 0.75 of an inch equals 150 miles. The distance from Springfield to Glenview is 3.75 inches. How many actual miles separate Springfield from Glenview?
  • A pen costs $.59. How much would a dozen pens cost?
  • The high temp today was 62°. When nighttime comes, the temp will drop 40°. By 4 am the temp will drop an additional 40°. What is the temp at 4 am?
  • How do you evaluate #5*4.5+35*123#?
  • Rohit wants to distribute sweets for his birthday to all the 43 children in his class. Should he round the number up or down while buying the sweets?
  • How do you simplify #2 1/3 -: 5/6#?
  • The headteacher says: "All of our classes have about 30 pupils in them.' Given this number is to the nearest 10, what is the smallest class there could be and what would be the largest?
  • Marta picked #4/8# cup of blueberries. Her sister picked #3/8# cup of blueberries They used #6/8# cup of all the blueberries they picked to make muffins. How much, in cups, was left?
  • What is the GCF of 4, 12, and 28?
  • Marco picked up 9 rocks. He picked up 2 of them on his way to school. He picked up the rest on his way home. How many rocks did Marco pick up on his way home?