Josiah Allen

Josiah Allen

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Statistics teacher | Verified Expert

I earned my degree in Statistics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I developed a strong foundation in data analysis and quantitative reasoning. I have a passion for teaching and helping students understand complex statistical concepts. With my academic background and teaching experience, I am equipped to provide clear explanations and effective guidance in Statistics and related subjects. I am committed to helping students succeed and reach their academic goals.


  • Of 800 people surveyed, 420 were male, and 325 had cell phones. Of those with cell phones, 200 were female. What is the probability that a person surveyed was either male or had a cell phone?
  • There are 12 students on the basketball team. In how many ways can the coat set up the starting lineup of 5 players?
  • How do I find the number of ways people can be seated on a bus?
  • 4 cards selected randomly from pack of 52 cards find the probability of selecting at most one heart card?
  • Show that the propositions p and p v (p ^ q) are logically equivalent? Must do a truth table.
  • Examples of population variance and sample variance?
  • A and B plays a game by flipping a fair coin where the first person to obtain a head wins.If A flip first and the probability A wins is equal to the probability B wins, how to show the coin is biased and determine the probability of obtaining head?
  • Compute the z-score for X=26; where the mean = 20 and standard deviation = 3? a)6 b)3 c)9 d)2
  • I roll a 6sided dice twice. What the propability to get the same number twice?
  • How to find two arithmetic means between 8 and 44?
  • Compute ∑x for the following scores:5,4,6,5, and 4? a) 24 b) 20 c)23 d)21
  • How to do on excel 1)Confidence Interval (both t-test and z-test and compare the results) ? 2) Establish a 95% and 90% confidence interval for the average heights for the female and male.
  • Can someone please help me with this question?
  • Can someone help me solve this question?
  • A recipe has 6 ingredients, how many ways can you arrange the first 4 ingredients?
  • Find the nos of four digit nos divisible by 4 obtained using 1,2,3,4,5 without repetation?
  • X. : 1. 3. 6. 7 P(X) : 0.35. Y. 0.15. 0.2 Find the value of y ? Find the mean (expected value ) ? Find the standard deviation ?
  • How do i describe and explain the position of a median on a box plot?
  • What is the area under the standard normal curve that lies between #Z=0# and #Z=1.51#?
  • How can I create a histogram in Excel?