Josiah Allen

Josiah Allen

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Statistics teacher | Verified Expert

I earned my degree in Statistics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I developed a strong foundation in data analysis and quantitative reasoning. I have a passion for teaching and helping students understand complex statistical concepts. With my academic background and teaching experience, I am equipped to provide clear explanations and effective guidance in Statistics and related subjects. I am committed to helping students succeed and reach their academic goals.


  • The mean value of a land and building per acre from a sample of a farm is $1500, with a standard deviation of $200. What is the percent of farms whose land and building values acre are between $1300 and $1700?
  • Let #X ~ N(4, 16)#. How do you find #P(X < 6)#?
  • You are on your way to Hawaii and of 15 possible books your parents say you can take 10. How many different collections of 10 books can you take?
  • You pick a card from a shuffled pack and draw a king. You put it back in the pack, shuffle, and then pick another card. This time you draw a queen. How are the two events of picking a king and picking a queen related?
  • At a medical clinic, the average waiting time for the first 10 patients was 15 minutes and the next 15 patients, 20 minutes. What was the average waiting time for all the patients?
  • A random sample of 16 students showed an average age of 25 years and a standard deviation of 2 years. The 98% confidence interval for the true average age of students is what?
  • Alyson has 15 shirts, 6 pairs of pants, and 8 pairs of shoes. How many possible outfits does she have?
  • At Jefferson Middle School, 12% of the students play volleyball and 5% of the students play volleyball and basketball. What is the probability that a student that he plays volleyball?
  • What is the mean and standard deviation of 5, 10, 12, 15, 20?
  • The class average on a math test was 75.5 and the standard deviation was 4.2. What is the z-score for a test score of 81?
  • A bag contains 6 red balls and 7 green balls. You plan to select 5 balls at random. What is the probability of selecting (without replacement) 5 green balls?
  • A restaurant offers 12 different appetizers. How many ways can a group of friends share 3 different appetizers?
  • A coin is flipped 12 times. What is the probability of getting exactly 8 heads?
  • How many different groups of three kids can you make from seven kids?
  • What is the average of 39 and 146?
  • To win the lottery one must correctly select 5 numbers from 50 numbers. The order in which the selection is made does not matter. How many different selections are possible? what is the probability of winning?
  • How can we increase the probability of getting #2# face cards i a row to the highest level? (a) removing all black cards or (b) removing all non-face cards.
  • Does the calculation of average work for negative numbers?
  • In a game of chance, six cards numbered 1 to 6 are lying face down on a table. To cards are selected without replacement and the sum of both numbers is noted. Find the probability that the total sum is at least 10?
  • On the roll of a pair of dice, what's the probability of rolling a 7 or 11?