Jeremiah Adams

Jeremiah Adams

School of Visual Arts

Chemistry teacher | Experienced educator in USA

I hold a degree in Chemistry from the School of Visual Arts. With a passion for unraveling the mysteries of science, I've dedicated myself to helping others understand the wonders of chemistry. Whether it's balancing equations or exploring the intricacies of organic compounds, I'm here to guide students through every step of their academic journey. My approach combines expertise with patience, ensuring that complex concepts are conveyed with clarity and enthusiasm. Together, let's unlock the secrets of the periodic table and ignite a love for learning in the realm of chemistry.


  • Assigned oxidation States to atoms underlined in the compound (NH4)2HPO4?
  • Determine the value of #E^@#?
  • How to calculate the mass of a substance that will dissolve in 200 g of water to prepare a saturated solution?
  • What are the possible isomers for C3H7NO?
  • In identical volume in 6 test-tube dissolved by the same amount of substance of the following compounds KCN, KNO3, K2SO4 , NaClO4 , KCl, NaNO3 . in one of the test -tube a pH of 8.50 was measured round up in which process it was?
  • What is the solvent in a liquid-liquid solution?
  • You add 1 Mol of NaCl to 1L of water make a salt water solution. Is your solution a 1M NaCl solution? How do you know?
  • How many liters of 4.00 m solution can be made using 100.0 grams of lithium bromide?
  • A flexible .556 L container holds air at a temperature of 27.3 degrees C. If the container is cooled so that the new volume of the gas is .214 L, what is the new temperature of the air in Celcius?
  • How many isotopes does platinum have?
  • Which one is stronger donor compounds ? N(CH3)2 , NHCH3 , NH2
  • How is it possible for a positively charged nucleus to release a negatively charged beta particle?
  • Vitellium (Vi) has the following composition: Vi–188: 187.9122 amu; 10.861% Vi–191: 190.9047 amu; 12.428% Vi–193: 192.8938 amu; 76.711% Based on this data, what can you predict about the average atomic mass of vitellium?
  • A 300g of boiled tea(100°C) poured into the ceramic cup of 150g,Calculate the temperature of tea inside the cup if the room temperature is 25°C?
  • How do i work out that the energy transferred from the surroundings of CaCO3(s) = CaO + CO2 (g) is 178kj/mol ?
  • What is the volume of 22 moles of oxygen gas at STP?
  • How do you determine the formula of an ionic compound?
  • What will be change mass when 10 gram magnesium is heated strongly in oxygen???
  • What is the lewis structure for co2?
  • If 5 L of propane is burned, predict the volume of oxygen? at the same temperature and pressure required for complete combustion.