Jackson Alexander

Jackson Alexander

Shawnee State University
World History

World History teacher | Verified Expert

I hold a degree in World History from Shawnee State University, where my passion for unraveling the complexities of the past ignited. With a deep-seated curiosity and academic rigor, I embark on a journey to elucidate historical narratives and foster critical thinking skills. Through engaging discourse and comprehensive analysis, I strive to empower students to navigate the intricate tapestry of human history with clarity and insight. My commitment to excellence in education drives me to create an inclusive learning environment where students thrive intellectually and culturally. Join me in unraveling the mysteries of our shared past and shaping a brighter future.


  • What country was helping South Vietnam resist a Communist takeover before the United States stepped in?
  • Who governed Vietnam up until WWII?
  • How did 20th century British politics relate to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict?
  • How did Ivan the Great challenge Mongol rule in Moscow?
  • Since about 1985, how much has the world population increased by, percentage-wise?
  • What treaty was signed in 1895, ending the war between China and Japan?
  • In what industry did the Industrial Revolution first take hold in Britain?
  • Russia turned to which type of economic system in the 1990s?
  • From what country did Panama gain independence in the late 1800s?
  • What were common long-reaching effects of the American and French Revolution worldwide?
  • What places in and around Dresden might the Allies have considered targets of military significance?
  • Why did the United States become involved in the Persian Gulf War?
  • Why do Basil I and Basil II typify Byzantine emperors?
  • What was the involvement of the United States in Latin America in the early 1900s?
  • Between 1880 and 1914, which nations were most involved in colonizing Africa?
  • Who was Toussaint L'ouverture? What was one of his biggest fears?
  • When did the Cold War begin?
  • How did the Columbian Exchange change the world?
  • What was the Nazis' purpose for creating the ghettoes?
  • What were the results of Mao Zedong's Great Forward and Cultural Revolution?