Jack Allen

Jack Allen

Midwestern State University
English Grammar

English Grammar teacher | Experienced educator in USA

With a specialization in English Grammar from Midwestern State University, my passion lies in unraveling the intricacies of language. As a dedicated educator, I thrive on demystifying grammar's complexities, making it accessible and enjoyable for all learners. With years of experience, I bring clarity and expertise to every session, fostering a deep understanding of language mechanics. Whether it's parsing clauses or dissecting syntax, I am committed to guiding students toward mastery. Let's embark on this journey together, where every question is an opportunity for growth and discovery.


  • What is an example of an exposition?
  • Is the following sentence missing semicolons or commas? If so, where?: Not all highly educated people enjoy traveling but many world travelers are particularly well educated.
  • Want some bird Puns?
  • When is "food" a countable noun and when is it uncountable? Why?
  • What is one way that the following sentence can be improved with the addition of an adverb?: She drove through the snowstorm.
  • Can an example of an indirect characterization be something a character said and us assuming something from it?
  • How do you change a direct characterization into an indirect characterization?
  • Is "became" a linking verb in this sentence: "The water became ice when the temperature dropped."?
  • Is eagle a proper noun?
  • What skill a student exemplifies if he used the word "dad" instead of using "father"?
  • What are examples of nouns that are both countable and uncountable?
  • What is the possessive plural of "grass"?
  • Why are brackets used in writing?
  • Is a country an abstract noun?
  • What is the plural of "proof"?
  • What is the singular possessive case?
  • Which one of the following words represents an object of a preposition?
  • What is the compound noun in the following sentence?
  • Can you change a common noun to a proper noun?
  • Catch up meaning and its status in grammer?