Hazel Amon

Hazel Amon

Eastern Mennonite University
World History

World History teacher | Experienced educator in USA

I hold a degree in World History from Eastern Mennonite University. With a passion for unraveling the intricacies of our global past, I offer comprehensive insights and engaging lessons to my students. My aim is to foster a deep understanding of historical events and their impact on our world today. Whether it's exploring ancient civilizations or analyzing modern geopolitical dynamics, I'm dedicated to guiding students on their journey through the annals of time. Let's embark on a fascinating exploration of our shared history together.


  • Which explorer is known for being the first to circumnavigate the globe, yet died in Asia before completing his journey? Christopher Columbus Bartolomeu Dias Vasco da Gama Ferdinand Magellan
  • As the Canaanites (Arabian ancestors) used to live in Palestine before the foundation of Judaism... Isn't Palestine for Arabs?
  • In 1995, Swiss banks came under pressure from Jewish organizations to search for assets belonging to victims of _______?
  • How did the Hittite war chariot make the Hittites conquerors?
  • What road did Marco Polo travel to Asia?
  • How was slavery different in Africa than America?
  • How did the Allied bombing of Germany in 1942 change the war?
  • What was built by Qin Shi Huangdi to keep invaders out of the north?
  • How did kush and Aksum differ from the later Arab trading states?
  • How did the Treaty of Versailles affect postwar Germany?
  • Why do you think that many Europeans favored communism directly following World War ll?
  • What is the name of the first bridge to cross the Mekong River in Laos? Who built it? Why?
  • Which two ethnic groups were most affected by ethnic cleansing during the 1990s?
  • What started the Bataan death March?
  • How did the French revolution affect Europe?
  • What are the main causes and the main consequences of the Thirty Years' War? Analyze two causes and two consequences in depth.
  • What impact did the Thirty Years' War have on German States?
  • What was the Gustav Gun?
  • What good things would Ivan the Great say about Ivan the Terrible? What good things would Ivan the Great say about Ivan the Terrible?
  • How did Serbia anger Austria-Hungary?