Hazel Amon

Hazel Amon

Eastern Mennonite University
World History

World History teacher | Experienced educator in USA

I hold a degree in World History from Eastern Mennonite University. With a passion for unraveling the intricacies of our global past, I offer comprehensive insights and engaging lessons to my students. My aim is to foster a deep understanding of historical events and their impact on our world today. Whether it's exploring ancient civilizations or analyzing modern geopolitical dynamics, I'm dedicated to guiding students on their journey through the annals of time. Let's embark on a fascinating exploration of our shared history together.


  • What was the outcome of the 1990 Myanmar election?
  • This is a question about Soviet Union's economy, please check my work. Thanks?!! The Soviet Union's command economy work was successful. USSR didn't affect by the great depression like the other countries. Stalin didn't let the country economic down.
  • This is a question about Hitler. Check my answer please. Thanks!?!!
  • What Chinese dynasty used handprints as a means of identifying burglars?
  • Mongol Impact on Russia and Islamic World between 600-1450 ce?
  • What were the comparative strengths of France and Spain in the early 1600s?
  • What oceans and/or seas did Zheng explore?
  • How did the introduction of Printing Press, and the involvement of The Royal Society and Thomas Sydenham change attitudes towards the cause of illness and disease within 1500-1700? (12 Mark question at GCSE)
  • Who changed Edo from a small town to a major city?
  • Which countries controlled the former Ottoman Empire after WWI? Were they effective in maintaining a peaceful rule? Why or why not?
  • What are the negative effects of silk trade?
  • Who is T.E. Lawrence? What was his impact during World War I?
  • Did Gandhiji want to go and live in pakistan after independence (1947) ?tell answer with detail
  • Who participated in the civil war fought in Russia from 1918-1920?
  • Which oldest known North America culture were entirely nomadic hunters of large animals?
  • Who was the first North Korean Communist leader?
  • Which european leaders helped to spread Christianity ?
  • What were the long term and short term causes of the Gulf War?
  • What was the driving force behind Russia's industrial expansion?
  • Why did Germany propose an alliance with Mexico?