Ezra Adkins

Ezra Adkins

New York Medical College
World History

World History teacher | Tutor for 6 years

I hold a degree in World History from New York Medical College, bringing a unique interdisciplinary perspective to my role as a tutor. Passionate about making complex historical concepts accessible, I'm here to guide you through the intricacies of the past. Let's explore history together and unravel the fascinating narratives that shape our world.


  • How would you describe Stalin's Five-Year Plans?
  • What three modern-day countries made up the colony of French Indochina?
  • Why were the victories on Iwo Jima and Okinawa so vital to the Allies?
  • What has been the effect of the post-Mao leadership under Deng Xiaoping in China?
  • What effect did Mao's policies have on economic growth?
  • What is Palestine? Where is it located and who primarily lives there?
  • Who opposed Mikhail Gorbachev becoming the next Russian leader?
  • Why did Germany invite guest workers following World War II?
  • What political change occurred as a result of Japan's industrialization?
  • Why was the sale of indulgences by the church a key catalyst for the Reformation?
  • How did the emigres influence France's Europe neighbors in revolutionary times?
  • What is one way in which animish, Shinto and Daoism are similar?
  • What technology made trench warfare obsolete?
  • What were some of the new food brought over from the Europe, Asia, and Africa to the Americas?
  • What War killed the most people?
  • What are the two indigenous domesticated sources of meat in the Andes?
  • There are those who say that the U.S. attacks are State Sponsored Terrorism, is this true?
  • How did Jews in the ghettos challenge the Nazis?
  • Did resources or geography influenced the Invasion of Normandy ?
  • What crucial cultural contribution did the introduction of Christianity bring to Ethiopia?