Dylan Andrews

Dylan Andrews

Oregon Health & Science University
Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology teacher | Verified Expert

I'm a graduate of Oregon Health & Science University, specializing in Anatomy & Physiology. With a passion for unraveling the complexities of the human body, I bring in-depth knowledge and expertise to my teaching. My goal is to make learning engaging and accessible, empowering students to grasp intricate concepts with clarity. Through personalized guidance and comprehensive explanations, I strive to foster a deep understanding of anatomical principles and physiological processes. Whether it's dissecting cadavers or discussing cellular mechanisms, I'm dedicated to helping students excel in their studies and develop a profound appreciation for the marvels of the human form.


  • What is the nerve that activates the diaphragm during inspiration?
  • Fat is stored in what type of bone marrow?
  • What is the name of your collar bone?
  • What is the function of melanin in the skin?
  • As a patch of scraped skin heals, the cells fill in the injured area but do not grow beyond that. What is this an example of ?
  • What is the function of a goblet cell?
  • What is the definition of pathology related to human anatomy and physiology?
  • What protects the stomach's lining from hydrochloric acid?
  • Which organ system includes the spinal cord?
  • What are the major known risk factors for coronary heart disease?
  • With respect to tumors, what does metastasis mean?
  • What three features allow us to walk upright?
  • Which chambers are the receiving chambers of the heart?
  • What is the function of large intestine?
  • Which system sends messages to organs and tissues?
  • What is the primary job of the large intestine?
  • What should a doctor examine to determine whether a patient's kidneys are functioning correctly?
  • What is the articulation site for the femur?
  • My digestion of fat is not good. What might be a medical reason that it isn't?
  • What are the primary hormones in girls during puberty?