Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen

Spelman College

Biology teacher | Tutor for 8 years

I earned my Biology degree from Spelman College, where my passion for understanding life's complexities flourished. With a deep-rooted curiosity for the natural world, I specialize in demystifying biological concepts for students of all levels. Whether exploring the intricacies of cellular biology or dissecting ecological systems, I'm dedicated to nurturing a love for science and empowering students to think critically. Let's embark on an exciting journey of discovery together, where every question is an opportunity to expand our understanding of the wonders of life.


  • The dendrite carries impulses? a) towards the cyton b) away from cyton c) across the body d) from one neuron to another
  • What is the term for all the types of alleles that exist in a population?
  • Examples of semi permeable membrane?
  • A bacterial cell divides every 20 min. After time period of 3 hrs,how many bacterial cell will be there?'
  • How does an earthworm take in and digests its food?
  • What types of organisms are i the first trophic level? can you give me 1 example
  • What organelle is used during the process of cellular respiration?
  • Do cells without chloroplasts also depend on sunlight for their food?
  • Where does GFP come from? How does it help researchers know if a gene is active?
  • What is the start of all life in an ecosystem?