Caleb Adams

Caleb Adams

Purchase College, State University of New York

Chemistry teacher | Experienced educator in USA

As a Chemistry enthusiast with a degree from Purchase College, State University of New York, my passion lies in unraveling the mysteries of the molecular world. I bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to every tutoring session. Whether it's demystifying chemical reactions or clarifying complex concepts, I'm dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of Chemistry. Let's embark on a journey of scientific discovery together – where questions are welcomed, and understanding is the destination.


  • What is a dehydrogenase enzyme and what does it do?
  • Hi may i know in the preparation of soluble salts, when do we use titration? Thanks
  • What is the derivation for the half life of a second order reaction with: (i) equal concentration of reactants for the reaction #2A -> "product"# (ii) unequal concentration of reactants for the reaction #A + B -> "product"#?
  • For the given equation.... #Ca(NO_3)_2(aq) + CO_2(g) + 2NaOH(aq) rarr CaCO_3(s)darr+ 2NaNO_3(aq) + H_2O(l)#... What will be the effect of adding carbon dioxide?
  • What is the difference between #"deuterium"# and a #"deuteron"#?
  • Molecular orbital theory for polyatomic molecules?
  • Which solution will NOT dissolve ions effectively?
  • What is the relationship between diamond, graphite, and buckminsterfullerene?
  • Given a buffer solution, should changes in buffer volume affect solution #pH# markedly?
  • What is the number of carbon atoms contained in a #5.85*g# mass of this element?
  • How does permanganate ion oxidize iodide ion under basic conditions?
  • What occurs when equal quantities of acid and base are added?
  • An #8.05*g# mass of butanoic acid is esterified with excess ethanol. What are the resultant masses of ester obtained if (i) #100%# yield is obtained; (ii) #78%# yield is obtained?
  • What occurs when magnesium combines with dioxygen or dinitrogen?
  • What is the molar mass of calcium nitrate, #"Ca(NO"_3)_2"#?
  • How many grams of titanium could be obtained from a 27.00 mole sample of Ti6Al4V?
  • If 0.250 g of a gas sample represents 1.05x10–2 mol, what is the molar mass of the gas?
  • How does an #18*g# mass of marble react with a #6.25*g# mass of hydrochloric acid?
  • Dry air near sea level has the following composition by volume: N2, 78.08 percent; O2, 20.94 percent; Ar, 0.93 percent; CO2, 0.05 percent. The atmospheric pressure is 1.00 atm. Calculate the concentration of each gas in moles per liter at 0°C?
  • What is the valence of carbon in carbonate ion, #CO_3^(2-)#?