Bella Aguilar

Bella Aguilar

Murray State University
World History

World History teacher | Verified Expert

I specialize in World History, graduating from Murray State University. Exploring the diverse tapestry of human civilizations fascinates me. With a deep understanding of historical contexts and narratives, I offer insights into the interconnectedness of past events and their relevance today. Through dynamic teaching methods and interactive discussions, I aim to inspire a lifelong passion for history in my students. From ancient civilizations to modern revolutions, let's embark on a journey through time together. As your guide, I am committed to fostering critical thinking and a nuanced understanding of our shared human story.


  • Why did Stalin suspect that Truman was trying to bully him at the Potsdam Conference?
  • Which issue largely related to Mexico became a major controversy in the 1990s?
  • What role did monks play in advancing literature?
  • How did the one-child policy result in large numbers of undocumented Chinese?
  • For what political and economic reasons did the Italians turn to Mussolini?
  • How was Arabia transformed by the rise of Islam?
  • Who was a member of the US-backed Mujahadeen?
  • Why did Japan invade Manchuria in 1931?
  • What was the key German weapon in the battle for the Atlantic?
  • How did the Columbian Exchange affect the African people?
  • What strategy did Otto von Bismarck use to make Prussia the leader of a united Germany?
  • Between 1880 and 1914, which nations were most involved in colonizing Africa?
  • What ended the period of détente between the United States and the Soviet Union?
  • In what ways did the Reagan administration address ongoing debating debates on race?
  • How did the Communist Revolution affect unions after WWI?
  • How did the alliance system deepen the original conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia into a general war?
  • When did the Cold War begin?
  • Why did Hitler sign a pact with Japan?
  • How did the totalitarians of the 1930's lead to World War II?
  • What were the major causes of the First World War?