Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson

Albion College
English Grammar

English Grammar teacher | Experienced educator in USA

I am a passionate educator specializing in English Grammar, dedicated to empowering students to excel in language skills. My journey began at Albion College, where I honed my expertise in linguistic nuances and effective communication strategies. With a commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment, I strive to instill confidence and proficiency in grammar among my students. Through personalized instruction and interactive engagement, I aim to cultivate a deep understanding of English grammar principles and their practical applications. Let's embark on this journey together towards mastering the intricacies of language!


  • Is this an example of antithesis: "Every night, I close my eyes to see you."?
  • Should I italicize poetry titles, put them in quotes, or do nothing when including them in an essay?
  • What is the inverse of the sentence "If i win, then I'm happy." ?
  • My teacher won't let us start a sentence with articles or pronouns. Are the only articles, "a" "an" and "the"?
  • What is the appositive phrase in this sentence, " Philip is walking with Rufus, an old English sheepdog."?
  • What is the correct way to use apostrophes with grades? For example, "My report card has all As." Do I need an apostrophe before the "s"?
  • Why do street names not have apostrophes?
  • What figure of speech does the phrase "She is such a clever fox." represent?
  • Are the words "in" and "demand" hyphenated? My sentence: "Careers in pharmacy are some of the most in(-) demand jobs today."
  • What is an en dash vs an em dash?
  • Are there any examples of assonance in William Wordsworth's poem, "The Daffodils"?
  • Can you say "What's up" without adding a question mark?
  • What is a good thesis statement for the story "A&P" by John Updike? Is there more to the conflict than Sammy just sticking up for the girls?
  • What does an upturned exclamation point mean in Spanish? Is it the equivalent of an exclamation point?
  • What is the difference between paraphrase and rephrase?
  • How do exclamation points work in Spanish?
  • Does anyone know any examples of a bombast?
  • How is the verbal used in the sentence: "My favorite activity is running."?
  • What words start with the roots: loqu-, locut-, and gest-?
  • Is the word "both" singular or plural?