Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson

Albion College
English Grammar

English Grammar teacher | Experienced educator in USA

I am a passionate educator specializing in English Grammar, dedicated to empowering students to excel in language skills. My journey began at Albion College, where I honed my expertise in linguistic nuances and effective communication strategies. With a commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment, I strive to instill confidence and proficiency in grammar among my students. Through personalized instruction and interactive engagement, I aim to cultivate a deep understanding of English grammar principles and their practical applications. Let's embark on this journey together towards mastering the intricacies of language!


  • What is a song that uses the literary device, litotes?
  • Is 'this" a possessive adjective?
  • When people say, "No pun intended," what does that mean?
  • Is it correct to put brackets inside of brackets in a sentence? For example: (writing (here))
  • Does a period go before or after quotation marks?
  • What is the function of the complement shown in parentheses in this sentence "We named our (Australian shepherd) Allie" ?
  • What is the past tense of of the verb "sit"?
  • What are examples of stream of consciousness in books or poetry?
  • Change these from direct to indirect?
  • Is the word "large" an Adverb, Adjective, Pronoun, or Noun?
  • Is it true that a semicolon cannot be used to join an incomplete sentence and a complete sentence?
  • What is a compound verb?
  • What is/are the noun(s) in the following sentence?: The bread is in the toaster.
  • Is "they" or "there" a personal pronoun? I have a school project where we cannot use personal pronouns.
  • What are countable nouns? What are some examples of countable nouns?
  • What is a reflexive verb?
  • If you added -ed to the noun scent, what part of speech is the resulting word?
  • Does this sentence need a semicolon, comma or neither: "My prior work experience in customer service and the service industry has taught me how to interact and work with a wide range of different people."?
  • What are some examples (classic or original) of litotes?
  • What does the word crevice mean?