Angel Aponte

Angel Aponte

High Point University
World History

World History teacher | Tutor for 10 years

I hold a degree in World History from High Point University, where my passion for unraveling the tapestry of our past was ignited. With a commitment to fostering curiosity and critical thinking, I bring a wealth of knowledge to every lesson. Whether exploring ancient civilizations or analyzing modern geopolitics, I strive to make history come alive for my students. Let's embark on a journey through time together, where every question is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the world.


  • How did climate have a effect on india's development?
  • In what year did Russia leave World War l?
  • Why was world war 1 a scientific war?
  • What did the Enabling Act do?
  • Who was the last of Henry VIII's children to rule England?
  • Who are the Allied Powers? What is their war plan? Why are they aligned politically? What are their goals in the war?
  • What was the relationship that King Louis XIV had with his citizens, and was he loved or feared as a king?
  • What does the term "Zionist" refer to?
  • What do science, religion and art have in common?
  • How did the Great Schism of 1054 cause the First Crusade?
  • Why have some historians labeled the Thirty Years' War as the last religious war, and others the first modern war?
  • How successful were Mao’s economic programs?
  • How did the campaigns in North Africa, Sicily, the Atlantic, and in the air help the Allies prepare to defeat Italy and Germany?
  • What aggressive action started the Persian Gulf War?
  • Who was the leader of Germany during World War I?
  • Why were Hitler's blitzkrieg tactics successful at the beginning of the war?
  • Who ruled Palestine after World War 1?
  • Why were explorers interested in sailing to Asia?
  • How did Russia's treaty with Germany affect the Allied troops?
  • How did Japan's rise to power differ from Germany's, Italy's, and the Soviet Union?