Aaliyah Allen

Aaliyah Allen

University of North Georgia
World History

World History teacher | Tutor for 6 years

I hold a degree in World History from the University of North Georgia. With a passion for unraveling the intricate tapestry of our past, I'm dedicated to illuminating the complexities and connections that shape our world. My journey through history has equipped me with a deep understanding of diverse cultures, societies, and historical events. As your tutor, I aim to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experience. Let's explore the past together and unlock the fascinating stories that have shaped our present.


  • Why did Osama Bin Laden form al Qaeda in the late 1990s?
  • How did the buildup of nuclear weapons discourage their use?
  • What is one good thing and one bad thing that resulted from the Crusades?
  • What are the methods of production that developed as a result of the industrial revolution?
  • The Hanseatic League was a trading network that operated where?
  • In the late 1500s, why did the Dutch attack Spanish ships in the Caribbean?
  • Who supported Artists in the Middle Ages?
  • In what countries does Shia Muslims comprise a majority of the populations?
  • What time period did the Era Divisions compare to?
  • The Boxer Rebellion was an attempt by Chinese revolutionaries to do what?
  • I am skyping with Israel at school and I need skype questions, any good question ideas?
  • Who coined the term 'Quit India' as a clarion call asking the British to leave India immediately?
  • What is the name of the social system in India where people are stuck in a particular social class?
  • How did the geography and climate of ancient India affect the development of early civilization?
  • What resulted from Islamic rule in India?
  • I need some help, because don't understand how to answer these questions?
  • Who was the Soviet premier when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, formally ending the Cold War?
  • What was the driving force behind europeans finding an oceanic route to asia?
  • How did the Hittite war chariot make the Hittites conquerors?
  • On December 25,1991, who resigned as general secretary of the communist party?