Aaliyah Allen

Aaliyah Allen

University of North Georgia
World History

World History teacher | Tutor for 6 years

I hold a degree in World History from the University of North Georgia. With a passion for unraveling the intricate tapestry of our past, I'm dedicated to illuminating the complexities and connections that shape our world. My journey through history has equipped me with a deep understanding of diverse cultures, societies, and historical events. As your tutor, I aim to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experience. Let's explore the past together and unlock the fascinating stories that have shaped our present.


  • Who led Japan during World War ll?

  • How was Khrushchev different from Stalin?

  • What was significant about the first settlers of India?

  • Which countries were involved in the Iran Contra Affair?

  • Why did China become involved in the Korean War?

  • Which Russian Revolution led to the creation of the Duma?
  • Can anyone please explain about the impact of the great depression of 1929 on Vietnam?
  • Why was the invention of penicillin so important in the context of WWII? What were some other advances in medicine that were important during the war?
  • How did the actions of Henry VIII lead to increased secularism, and possibly the spark of absolute monarchies?
  • Who was Mansa Musa? Why is he important?
  • Who succeeded Benito Juarez as president of Mexico?
  • What's the difference between a mandate and a colony?
  • What were Montesquieu's views on religious tolerance?
  • Who were the Axis powers of WWII? What areas did they control between 1939-1941?
  • Who is Kaiser Wilhelm ll?
  • What religion spread from India throughout Southeast Asia?
  • 1)Why did mustafa kemal change the old tiles? 2)how did he motivated turkish army against allied forces?
  • Please help? Choose all of the following that describe life 'behind the iron curtain' during the cold war.
  • Why did the Shogun isolate Japan?
  • What promises did Mussolini make the Italian people?