Unit Conversions - Page 55

  • A cellular phone company charges a $49.99 monthly fee for 600 free minutes. Each additional minute costs $.35. This month you used 750 minutes. How much do you owe?
  • How many Euros would you pay for $27 shirt, assuming that 1 Euro = $1.3?
  • At the annual hot dog eating contest, Mitchel eats 45 hotdogs in 3 minutes. What is Mitchel's unit rate?
  • The owner of men's clothing store bought 6 belts and 8 hats of $140. A week later, at the same prices, he bought 9 belts and 6 hats for $132. What is the price of a belt and the price of a hat?
  • The density of zinc is #7130# #kg##/m^3#. What is the mass of #5# #m^3# of zinc?
  • A petrol pump delivers 42 liters of petrol into a car in 3 minutes. How do you write this rate in liters per minute?
  • A train travels 150 miles in 3 hours. At this same rate, how many miles will it travel in 8 hours?
  • An online music store offers 5 downloads for $6.25. Another online music store offers 12 downloads for $17.40. Which store offers the better deal?
  • How much would it cost to buy 18 soft drinks if a six-pack costs $2.50?
  • A costume designer bought 1.4 kg of colorful sequins. She used 250 g of sequins to make a crown and 400 g to make a cape. How many grams of sequins were left?
  • Carmen bought 25 pounds of sugar for $10. How many pounds of sugar did she get per dollar?
  • A construction company bought a truck that weighs 3 1/8 tons. How many pounds does the truck weigh?
  • Sean's bucket holds 5 gallons of water. Marko's bucket holds #2/5# as much water. How many gallons of water does Marko's bucket hold?