Understanding Fractions - Page 5

  • 192 fluid ounces equal to how many pints?
  • You have 8 donuts and you want to give 1/4 of them to a friend. How many donuts would your friend get?
  • What is #1/4# as a percentage?
  • How do you write 0.003 as a percent?
  • How do you write 0.04% as a fraction?
  • Mrs. Mitchell is making bread. Each loaf of bread requires 1.5 cups of flour. If she has 12 cups of flour, how many loaves of bread can she make?
  • Frank averages one strike for every six frames that he bowls. If he bowled 76 strikes in one season, how many frames did Frank bowl?
  • On four plays, a football team gained 22 yd, lost 18 yd, gained 8 yd, and lost 14 yd. What is the total number of yards gained or lost on the four plays?