Scientific Notation - Page 80

  • Write lewis symbol for #""_16"S"#?
  • What is the Answer to this: (0.4)^14?
  • Sandy used a transmission electron microscope to observe pollen grains at a magnification of 2,200x. What is this magnification in scientific notation?
  • What is the qoutient of 7/12?
  • The top of Mount Whitney, the highest point in California is 14494 feet above sea level. Find this height in miles to the nearest tenth of a mile? .
  • It is 3:00 pm here, and Australia is 13 hours ahead of us. What time is it in Australia?
  • What mass of NaCl is required to prepare 308.0 mL of 0.250 M solution? Use a molar mass with at least as many significant figures as the data given.
  • What is #21 * 10^1#?