Ratios and Proportions - Page 7

  • A 5 ha park has lawn: flowerbeds:play area in the ratio 20:4:1. How many m2 is the play area?
  • Share 48 items in the ratio 3:5?
  • Three friends A, B and C are in the same class. A had 3 sandwiches and B had 5 sandwiches of the same size. All three shared the 8 sandwiches equally. C gave Rs 80 to A and B for his share, which they divided equally between the two. Ration of A:B ??
  • Touchdown is worth 6 points. Additionally you can kick a field goal. Is the total number of points scored proportional to the number of touchdowns?
  • The cost of purchasing grapes is $4.99 per pound plus a shipping fee of $.50 per pound. Is this a proportional or non proportional situation? How do you know?
  • A ratio is the comparison of two quantities by what operation?
  • The ratio of oil to vinegar in Chef Pierre’s salad dressing is 7 to 4. How much vinegar should Chef Pierre combine with 34 fl oz of oil?
  • Of the 112 students in the marching band, 35 were in the drum section. What is the ratio of drummers to other musicians in the band?
  • A new school advertised a low student to teacher ratio. What is the ratio in lowest terms if there are 25 teachers and 300 students?
  • For every 5 boys on a softball team there is 1 girl. What is the ratio of boys to girls?
  • At the zoo, Kai noticed the ratio of legs to heads in the aquarium was 4:1. Was he at the octopus or the sea turtle exhibit?
  • Mrs. Aten counted 15 junk emails out of 21 emails in her inbox. How do you write a ratio comparing the number of junk emails to the total number of emails?
  • There are between 25 and 35 students in a class. The ratio of boys to girls is 4 : 7. How many students are in the class?
  • There are 17 occupied seats on the bus, 11 seats are empty. What s the ratio of number of occupied seats to empty seats?
  • What is 90% of 130?
  • At a certain middle school, there are 26 students per teacher in every homeroom. Is the total number of students proportional to the number of teachers?
  • What is the ratio of stars to stripes in the American flag?
  • What is a proportion? How to use it and what situation to use it in?