Rational and Irrational Numbers - Page 22

  • So far, 37 miles of a new highway have been completed. This is one mile less than two thirds of the entire length. How long will the new highway be when complete?
  • Lucy went to the grocery store. She bought 12 packs of cookies and 16 packs of noodles. How many packs of groceries did she buy in all?
  • Danielle is selling her handmade jewelry online. Yesterday, she sold 2 bracelets and 4 necklaces, for a profit of $118. Today, she made a profit of $132 by selling 4 bracelets and 4 necklaces. How much profit does Danielle earn from each piece?
  • How do you solve #107=272-w#?
  • How do you solve #(s - 36) ( s + 16) = 0#?
  • Ricardo lost 6 golf balls while playing yesterday. He bought a box of 12 golf balls, then lost 4 on the course today. He now has 18 golf balls. How many golf balls did Ricardo have to begin with?
  • What are three rational numbers equal to #2 1/7#?
  • Louise and Frank are each collecting baseball cards. If Louise has three times as many cards as Frank and she has 84, how many cards does Frank have?
  • Joe wants to use the Hiking Club's funds to purchase new walking sticks for its 19 members. The sticks cost $26 each. The club has $480. Is this enough money to buy each member a new walking stick? If not, how much more money is needed?
  • Sara is making pillows. Each pillow requires 1.7 yards of fabric. How many yards of fabric will Sara need to make 9 pillows?
  • In one survey, 3/4 of those surveyed went to the movies at least once a month. If that were always true, in a town of 243 people, about how many people would go to the movies once a month?
  • What is 12/25 as a whole number?
  • A full-sized cow needs about 100 square feet of pasture to graze on each day. Assume an average sized classroom is about 600 square feet. How many classrooms worth of pasture would be needed to keep a cow alive for a year?
  • The ratio of Rock Songs to Dance songs on Jonathan's MP3 player is 5:6. If Jonathan has between 100 and 120 Rock and Dance songs, how many Rock songs does he have?
  • How do you order the integers in the set -15, 2, 26, -25, -3 from least to greatest?
  • Is #-24+a# rational or irrational?
  • In Cuba there are banknotes with values of 3, 10 and 20 pesos. Using only these banknotes, what is the largest amount that can not be formed?