Place Value - Page 4

  • I have 18 ones, 15 hundreds, 15 tens, and 8 thousands. What number am I?
  • In 7 days, a clothing store sold 2,877 pieces of clothing. If they sold the same amount of clothes each day, how many pieces of clothes did they sell in one day?
  • Tyrell does sit-ups every day. On Monday, he did 4 sit-ups. On Tuesday, he did 8 sit-ups, and on Wednesday, he did 12 sit-ups. Based on the pattern, how many sit-ups he will do on Friday?
  • Jason has decided to sell one of his baseball cards. The card is valued at $51.00. The store is only offering Jason $29.00. How much less is Jason being offered for his card than what it is valued at?
  • A skyscraper has 26568 windows. In one month, a team of window cleaners clean 15365 of them. How many windows still need to be cleaned?
  • What is #16 * 38#?
  • A carousel factory has 1,252 carousel horses. 48 horses are placed on each carousel. How many carousels can the factory build?