Fractions with Different Denominators - Page 12

  • There are 8 markers in a set. Nana has 9 markers and Clara has 7. What can Nate and Clara do so that each of them have a full set?
  • A team of runners is needed to run a #1/4#-mile relay race. If each runner must run #1/16# mile, how many runners will be needed?
  • Joy needs to buy three blouses for work. She can buy two for $29. How much will she pay for three blouses?
  • A woman has $9.37 in her pocket and gives $4.50 to charity. How much money does she have left?
  • A relay team ran a race. Each team member ran #1/4# of the distance. The whole race was #8/9# mile. How far did each team member run?
  • There are 132 projects in the science fair. If 8 projects can fit in a row, how many full rows of projects can be made?
  • At school the playground has an area of 145 square meters. The third and fourth grades both want to play at the same time. The fourth grade needs 74 square meters to play a game. How much space do the third graders have to play?
  • How many cents is 3 quarters?
  • Nina and 2 friends ate lunch at a cafe. They decided to split the bill evenly. The total bill was $17.85. How much was each persons share ?
  • If you can buy one can of pineapple chunks for $2 then how many can you buy with $10?
  • Heather bought a subscription to her favorite magazine, The subscription costs $18.00 for 12 issues. How much does each issue cost?