Nuclear Decay - Page 3

  • How to calculate maximum beta energy (0.634 MeV) of fluorine-18? I've tried using binding energy formula, but the result is different?!
  • Write your question here... Two radioactive elements P and Q have half lives 10 and 20 minutes respectively. If they started if with the same number of atoms, what is the ratio of the number of remaining atoms of P to that of Q?
  • A clean nickel surface (work function 5.1eV), is exposed to light of wavelength 206nm. What is the maximum speed of the photoelectrons emitted from this surface?
  • How do you linearise the radioactive decay function properly?
  • Calculate activity of a radioactive substance after 3 hours ?
  • The substance as a result of the chain of transformations loses one α_ and two β- particles and becomes U(234,92). Find the initial radioactive element ?