Covalent Bonds - Page 7

  • What is the formal charge on the central nitrogen in the Lewis structure of N2O?
  • What is the Lewis structure of #"nitrosyl chloride"#, #NOCl#?
  • What is the Lewis structure of #CO_2#? How many lone-pairs on the carbon centre?
  • How does CO act as a ligand?
  • Why 4 bonds doesn't exist between carbon compounds?
  • How are natural polymers and synthetic polymers similar?
  • What is the Lewis structure of #CO_3^(2-)#?
  • What does the arrowed bond of nitrogen with oxygen means?
  • Without drawing a Lewis structure, do you think that CO contains a single, double, or triple bond?
  • How many lone pairs are there in co2 ?
  • What is the electronic configuration of #"Co"# atom and a #"Co"^(2+)# ion ??
  • What is the lewis structure for co2?
  • Is covalent bonding between "s" orbitals directional or non-directional? Why?
  • Which are shorter and stronger bond,covalent or hydrogen ?