Quadrilaterals - Page 39

  • The volume of the cuboid in which 3 adjacent edges on it are represented by #vecA(3,-4,0)#,#vecB(0,-4,3)#,#vecC(0,0,5)# equals.....cubic units?
  • I need help with this? The bottom part is cut off but it says A B C and lastly D
  • Question 3: What is the shape of the cross section taken parallel to the base of a square pyramid? Circle Rectangle Square Triangle
  • How many bases are in a hexagonal pyramid?
  • Which of the following shapes is needed to tessellate with octagons? 1)Pentagon 2)Square 3) Decagon 4)Triangle 5)Hexagon
  • What is the most precise term for quadrilateral ABCD with vertices A(4,4), B(5,8), C(8,8), and D(8,5)? square rhombus kite parallelogram
  • A quadrilateral has one right angle, and angles of 79° and 122°. What does the last angle measure?
  • What is the shape of the base of a pentagonal right prism?
  • 1. Compare properties of squares and rhombi to properties of other quadrilaterals by answering each question. Write a brief explanation for each answer. HELP PLEASE?
  • Sofia has a plate that has 4 sides of equal length, 2 pairs of opposite sides that are parallel, and no right angles. What quadrilateral best describes the plate?
  • Joey is asked to name a quadrilateral that is also a rhombus what should be his answer?
  • What is a quadrilateral that has 2 pairs of equal adjacent sides but unequal opposite sides called?
  • Quadrilateral JKLM has vertex coordinates J(2,4), K(6,1), L(2,-2), and M(-2,1). What type of quadrilateral is JKLM?
  • A quadrilateral has the following angles: (8x+1), (5x-4), 73, and 95 degrees. What is the value of #x#?
  • If rectangles must have right angles explain how a rhombus could also be called rectangle?
  • How many faces, vertices and edges does a square base pyramid have?
  • If a figure is a square then it is a regular quadrilateral is this true or false ?