Sedimentary Rocks - Page 2

  • When a sedimentary rock undergoes extreme heat and pressure what kind of rock does it turn into?
  • How are clastic sediments classified?
  • Where are sedimentary rocks found?
  • What are sediments and how are they formed?
  • Why do sedimentary rocks have layers?
  • What sedimentary rock is formed from thin layers of clay compacted very tightly together?
  • What sedimentary rock is made of fragments of rock with jagged edges?
  • How are clastic sedimentary rocks classified?
  • How do sediments become sedimentary rock? What processes are involved?
  • What type of sedimentary rocks form from the breakdown of larger rocks?
  • The sedimentary rock that forms when water deposits particles of clay in thin layers is called what?
  • Does the law of crosscutting relationships involve sedimentary rock only? Why or why not?
  • What type of rock is formed by Earth's forces pressing and cementing it together?
  • What forms when sediments are compacted and compressed together?
  • What causes shale to change into slate?
  • Why are sedimentary rocks only found on or close to Earth's surface?
  • How does igneous rock become sedimemtary?