Basic Atomic Structure - Page 18

  • Which of the entities have higher atomic radius? a) Ca, Ca2+ b) S, S2-. Please explain it?
  • How is atomic structure related to the periodic table?
  • What are the parts of an atom? What does each do? Definitions and (clear but easy to understand) explanations, please? Thx!
  • What happens if an atom is not neutral?
  • Why are atomic nuclei stable given the electrostatic force of repulsion between LIKE-CHARGED nuclear particles?
  • How do we represent an ion that has 18 electrons, and for which #Z=15#?
  • What is a general rule for achieving thermodynamic stability?
  • Describe sulfur in its elemental state?
  • What are positively charged subatomic particles called?
  • Is an oxygen atom smaller than an oxygen molecular ion?
  • Of what are atoms composed? How do we differentiate them? And what are isotopes?
  • How many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in Amethyst?
  • An atom of helium contains two protons,two electron and two neutrons. Indicate the possible ways of arrangement of these particles in the helium atom?
  • What subatomic particles mainly contribute to the mass of the entire atom?