Root Test for for Convergence of an Infinite Series - Page 2

  • Limit x tends to infinity ((x+1)(x+2)(x+3))^1/3-x=?
  • What is the answer in sum to infinity if n/5^n??
  • Let p be a +ve rational number if x^p is defined then lim x--infinity a/x^p = ???
  • Lim x—> infinity∞ [(³√n+1)²-(³√n)²] Answer Value ??
  • Determine convergence or divergence for this series ? sin k/(k+1)!
  • How do you test for convergence for ?
  • How to show if #sum_(n=0)^oo (ln(n)^n)/95^n# converges or diverges by using root test?
  • Could anyone please help me with this question?
  • How do I show that equation #(5+ln(x))^sqrtx - x^3=0# has a root in interval #[2.2,3]#?
  • If #n/(n-1) * 1/n * n/(n+1) = 5/k# for positive integers #n# and #k#, what is the value of #k#?
  • What are the range of initial values using the Newton-Raphson method for #(x-9)/(x^2+1)=0# for it to converge to 9?
  • What is the interval of convergence of #sum ((-1)^n * x^(n+8) #?
  • Find the radius of convergence of the following series. Does it converge or diverge? #sum_(n=1)^oo((-1)^nx^n)/root(9)(n)#
  • How do you know when to use the Root Test for convergence of a series?