Introduction to Polar Coordinates - Page 20

  • What are the cylindrical coordinates of the point whose spherical coordinates are (4, 2, 1π/6) ?
  • The coordinates of point P are (-2,3) and the gradient of the straight line PQ is 3. Find the coordinates of Q?
  • What are the approximate rectangular coordinates for the point with polar coordinates #(5, 30°)#?
  • How to find the x-coordinates?
  • If #f={(-3,4),(-1,5),(-2,6),(2,4),(0,3)} and g={(4,3),(5,7),(3,0),(6,0)}# then find set of ordered pair of gof and fog and represent in arrow diagram.?
  • Geometrically, the span of two non-parallel vectors in #R^3# is? one octant a line a point the whole 3-space a plane
  • Would this system be consistent, inconsistent, or dependent? Would it be dependent because x and z could be any real number?